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10 exciting facts about the forest

How many animal species live in the forests of Switzerland? Where are the most forests in the world? And are there more people or more trees on earth? The 10 most exciting facts about the forest at a glance!

The forest and its trees are, so to speak, a source of identity for NIKIN. That's why we always set out to find out new things about the forest. This time, with our discoveries, we went straight to the graphics department, which put together a wonderful overview for us. Following the graphic you will find all the facts about the forest explained further.

10 Forest Facts

These are the 10 most exciting facts about the forest

Exciting, but unpleasant, is this fact about forests: originally forests covered half of the earth's land area. Today we are still at 31%. We are horrified, the only thing that helps is to plant trees, consume consciously and stand up for nature.


Large countries have large forests

That's the simple rule anyway. Brazil, China, Canada, Russia and the USA boast the largest forests. In total, there are currently 400 trees for every person on earth. Let's hope it stays that way.

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Lots of forest = lots of biodiversity

80% of all biodiversity on land can be found in forests. In other words, urban biodiversity is a myth. However, since 2015, we have been losing 10 million hectares of forest every year and thus also in biodiversity. This does not exclude Switzerland either, after all, here too 25,000 species live in or from the forest. For us this makes up a third of the area .

Reh im Wald

Trees as tall as skyscrapers

350 million people worldwide live in or from forests. While 60 million, for example Amazon tribes, cannot live at all without forests. After all, the particularly old and large trees are usually already protected. So does the largest tree in the world. It is 116 meters high and is located in California. For comparison, the Prime Tower in Zurich is only 10 meters higher.



Find out more about the NIKIN tree planting projects

We plant a tree for every product purchased. You can find out how this works and exactly where your tree is located at TreePlanting and with the TreeTracker find out. Shopping at NIKIN is worth it: together with the community we have already planted over 1.5 million trees!

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