408 Besuchende am ersten NIKIN Flohmarkt im 2022 - NIKIN EU

408 visitors to the first NIKIN flea market in 2022

Use clothes for longer and again and again: with the NIKIN flea market & swap meet it's very easy and it will first planted even more trees. You can find out how to do this in the blog.

408 people came to the first NIKIN flea market & swap meet in the new year! Since we plant a tree for each of these visitors, the forest is also happy about this high number. But how did the flea market come about? 
As a sustainable brand, we would like to draw more attention to the fact that clothes can be used for longer and can also be passed on. To make this easier for our community, we launched the NIKIN flea market & swap meet. 

Come to the next NIKIN flea market!

This is where exhibitors can find a new home for their old things and visitors can shop sustainably. This time the whole thing took place in the Anvil Garage . The central and cool location was very well received and there was a lot of shopping and bartering going on. If you also want to sell or exchange your old clothes and shoes, you can do so in Bern on April 23rd. Click here to Registration for exhibitors. 



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