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5 years of NIKIN: our milestones and highlights

Over a million trees, from zero to 50 employees, logo change and new website! A lot has been going on in the last few years. For our birthday today, we look back on important milestones and personal highlights.

“Every new product is a milestone and always a reason to celebrate,” NIKIN founder Robin beams at me when I ask him about highlights . In fact, we now have new products on a regular basis. We are proud of this because a lot of work and experimentation goes into the sustainable designs. But what did it look like five years ago? What was considered a milestone back then?

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NIKIN's first warehouse and the founding of a GmbH

It all started in 2017 with Nicholas and Robin, who founded NIKIN. A first big milestone was the first small warehouse in Seengen. The first full-time employees were hired as early as 2018. In general, 2018 was full of milestones: NIKIN was professionalized by founding a GmbH at the beginning of the year. We also changed the NIKIN logo. In the same year, Tree Planting Partner One Tree Planted  was visited in Canada for the first time. “A personal highlight for me,” says Robin. “It was also a special moment when we saw someone unknown on the street wearing NIKIN for the first time,” adds Nicholas.

NIKIN Gründer

NIKIN founders Nicholas (left) and Robin (right).

Always like more sustainability

The product team sees another milestone in 2018 in the change of TreeCap producers: “Most of such producers come from China. After a long search, we found someone in Europe!” NIKIN also launched Green Friday in the same year. The counterpart to Black Friday was well received and is now an integral part of the annual calendar. “Back then, we consciously decided against discount battles and in favor of sustainability,” explains the sales team. Find out more about Green Friday in the video:

Appreciation for the team and from the scene

In 2019, team events were very popular at NIKIN - as they are today. Although perhaps not a classic milestone, we all agree that they are among the big highlights. Founder Nicholas agrees: “Our team events always give me a feeling of pride.» Another milestone in the third year of NIKIN is the nomination for the Swiss Economics Award.

NIKIN Team Event See

The millionth tree and off to the home office

In 2020 the time has finally come. NIKIN sells the millionth product and plants the millionth tree! A milestone for the whole team. Marketing boss Luca is already ready for the 1st.To break the 5 million mark and says: “Maybe we can even do it this year.» The year 2020 was of course particularly influenced by Corona. NIKIN also had to go to the home office from one day to the next. However, HR manager Swen sees a positive highlight in the rather negative situation back then: “That worked great for us. The team spirit was also great.»

Masks thanks to community

We owe another milestone to our community. In 2020 they made us aware of their desire for NIKIN masks. At first we didn't want to offer any because we don't want to profit from a crisis. After clarifications and many customer inquiries, we decided this year to purchase community masks at cost price. We still planted one tree per product.

Frau mit Maske

Looking into the future

In addition to the masks, the new website is also a big milestone in the current year. There was also a funny highlight in the spring: “Our 1. I thought April Fool's Day was great. “It was a really good day at work,” smiles Patrick from shopping. You can find the video here.

And what does the future hold? Founder Nicholas looks forward to further milestones: “We will plant even more trees and grow as a team and company. Sustainability also continues to be a priority.» Thanks to innovations and new materials, this is an area in which one can continue to develop, adds Robin. And otherwise? «We can't reveal everything yet. But one thing is clear: it will be another great five years.»

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