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6 Functions of Trees - Why you should give trees as gifts

Trees are particularly important to us at NIKIN – and for good reasons! Forests are not only oases of peace and places of relaxation, but also have an essential function in the global ecosystem. In this blog you will find out what roles trees play and why they need to be protected for a future worth living. Because: Without trees it doesn't work.

There are many reasons why trees are particularly important to the global ecosystem. But trees have also been proven to be beneficial for the human psyche. We have summarized some of the benefits in the following six points:

1) Air

Trees create the conditions for the existence of complex organisms such as humans and animals by carrying out photosynthesis. In this process, all plants convert CO2 into oxygen: they absorb the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, use it to produce sugar and starch for their own growth and release oxygen as a waste product, so to speak. The CO2 that cannot be used by humans and animals is converted into the essential O2.

2) Cooling

The dense plant covers shield the ground and thus provide valuable shade. Evaporation, i.e. the release of moisture, also contributes to the general cooling of the planet. For these reasons, greenery is particularly important in cities where sealed soils and concrete buildings predominate in order to create a pleasant summer climate. Seen in the global ecosystem, the world's large forests with their vast expanse are essential - because they contribute to cooling the entire planet and thus maintain the habitat of countless animals.

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3) Water

Trees bind moisture and thus supply fresh water to streams, rivers and lakes. This function is particularly evident in tropical rainforests in equatorial regions. These areas are often very humid and the trees provide important, drinkable fresh water to animals and humans.

Tautropfen auf Gräsern
Image: The water-dispensing function is particularly clear in the morning when the dew drops can be seen on grass and leaves.

4) Protection

Trees and forests serve as natural protection in various regions. In coastal regions, for example, mangroves provide numerous animal species with protected shelter for their young. At the same time, they protect human settlements from floods and flash floods. In the interior of the country, forests have always served as a retreat for people and animals. They offer a protected place for vital recovery and regeneration and enable food chains to be maintained.

5) Habitat and food source

Trees and forests offer their own offspring a safe space to grow and thereby invite other plants to settle around them. The combination of young and old plants serves as a food source for various animals - from tiny insects to elephants. As a result, trees create a protected habitat and enable flora and fauna to live together symbiotically.

Ein Schmetterling auf einem blühenden Ast
Image: Can you find the butterfly?

6) Aesthetics

Trees are beautiful. The aesthetic value of trees is also important, especially for people. We enjoy the sight of them and, when walking in the forest, notice almost immediately the calming influence they exert. In Japan there is even a name for consciously slowing down in the forest: “Forest bathing”

For the reasons mentioned above, conserving forests and planting trees is essential if we want to preserve our planet for future generations. The blue planet must continue to shine in bright green in the future. NIKIN has therefore made it its mission to plant trees.

How NIKIN is committed

NIKIN has built a tree-planting community. Together with we organize various events such as forest workshops, CleanupDays and TreePlantingDays throughout the year, where you can learn more about the miracle " “Tree” and can also get involved in preserving nature – be it by removing waste from nature or planting young trees. But you can also work from home to make the world a greener place: NIKIN, in collaboration with One Tree Planted, plants a tree for every product sold.

Ein Wald an einem See in SchwedenImage: Such sights should also be able to be enjoyed by future generations.

Give nature a gift

Our consumer behavior comes to a head every year around Christmas - and thus harms various natural resources. Since we are all still happy about Christmas presents, we recommend choosing sustainable brands. When you give NIKIN products as a gift, you are not only giving a gift to your loved ones, but also to nature. This way you minimize your impact and can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year without remorse.

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PS: Discover in this blog how you can pack your sustainable Christmas presents in a resource-saving way!

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