Ein einzelner Baum macht noch keinen Wald, aber dann und wann ist er der Rest eines Waldes - NIKIN EU

A single tree does not make a forest, but every now and then it is the remnant of a forest

The German photographer Thomas Häntsch once said this. On reflection, isn't that really the case? Far from our present, huge areas are being exploited, forests are being cleared and the greatest possible profit is being made from the whole business. It is tragic, because even in our immediate vicinity, the forests are becoming rarer and nature is becoming more and more restricted. Can this change be avoided? Hardly, because society and all of us are dependent on the versatile raw material wood. In addition, the forest has to give way to increasing development and agriculture. Sure, wood is an organic raw material that constantly grows, but excessive consumption of wood (like all excessive consumption) brings the system, in this case our ecosystem, out of balance and, if it continues like this, will soon collapse.

NIKIN wants to counteract this negative process and make our contribution, even if only a small one, to the reforestation of forests worldwide. That's why we happily and proudly pass on part of our profits from our Treeanies and TreeShirts to our partner organization OneTreePlanted , which plants trees for us at several locations around the world. And the best thing about the whole thing is that you can easily be there and contribute with your personal contribution.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.” Aleksej Andreevic Arakceev (1769 - 1834)

Author: Jeffrey Gnehm
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