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Andri Ragettli is the first NIKIN Ambassador!

The coming year presents us with another first in the history of NIKIN. The Swiss freeskier and world record holder Andri Ragettli is our first ambassador. You can find out why NIKIN and Andri Ragettli fit together so well and what we are particularly looking forward to in the blog...

The 23-year-old Andri Ragettli is considered one of the best freeskiers in the world and has been for several years (his World Cup debut he had at the age of 15). His qualities include his mental strength, a youthful just-do-it vibea conscious lifestyle as well as the connectionenness to the family. So it's no wonder that we chose our first Ambassador no pcould have wished for a better partner.

What makes Andri Ragettli as Ambassador different? 

As an ambassador, the Swiss extreme athlete takes us to whole new heights, figuratively speaking, but also in real. Sfinally you fly with the Freeski disciplines Big Air and Slopstyle  up to 5 meters high and 30 meters wide*. Thanks to the enormous popularity of Andri, his down-to-earth nature and his great posts on Social  Media, we hope to make more people aware of sustainable fashion in the future and inspire them to plant trees. 

Ragettli in the Air

We’re looking forward to it – and hopefully you are too! 

Of course we have a few other things up our sleeves when it comes to the NIKIN x Andri Ragettli partnership. A lot of it is still top secret, but we can already tease a very cool special for January. However, what exactly it is remains a secret for the time being. NIKIN co-founder Nicholas tells us what makes him happy: “Andri is our first official ambassador, and then what an ambassador! I have been following and admiring him for a long time and also love his creative posts on social media.” Yes, we’re really excited too! Therefore dear community, stay tuned! 

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*No hate against all possible NIKIN wearers who are already making us fly high in the Snowpark LAAX and elsewhere! 



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