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Bamboo – a sustainable alternative to wood and plastic

Bamboo as a diverse and sustainable alternative? The plant-based raw material is not only used in the production of our TreeSocks - - - it has many other great benefits.

The daily requirement of bamboo for a giant panda is up to 40 kilograms. The plant, which belongs to the sweet grass family, not only serves as a source of food for the fluffy bears, but also as an alternative to wood. Furniture, decoration and accessories, everyday products such as toothbrushes or hairbrushes, as well as parquet floors and other products are now made from the woody stalks of this impressive plant.

The best feature of bamboo? Its rapid growth! “Fast” is almost an understatement: the “Moso Bamboo” grows up to one meter per day! The popular sweet grass is found in tropical areas around the equator and varies in the height of its grasses; these range from a few centimeters to 40 meters. Bamboo that is used in this country is largely harvested on plantations in China.

It's not just its super-fast growth that makes bamboo sustainable. Take a look at the following factors that make this tropical plant stand out as a sustainable material and therefore a suitable alternative to conventional wood.


  • Toughness. Since bamboo is very robust, unlike coffee or bananas, for example, pesticides or artificial irrigation methods can be largely avoided when growing it. This has a less stressful impact on workers and the environment.
  • Flexibility. The wood of bamboo is hard and dense on the one hand and light and flexible on the other. The plant is therefore ideal as long-lasting furniture and building material.
  • Growth. Due to its rapid growth, bamboo stores a lot of CO2. Unlike clearing, there is no risk of endangering the population when harvesting bamboo.


Not only wood, but also plastic can be replaced with bamboo. The sweet grass is considered an alternative to plastic - the starting product for plastic.


If you are interested in products made from bamboo, then take a look at the following suggestions from shops in Switzerland.  


  • allesbambus ( A studio shop in Thun where you can find everything from tea to parquet floors.
  • Manufactum ( Here you will find products such as toothbrushes, kitchen utensils such as salad servers or bowls, but also lunch boxes.
  • Bambuswelt ( The shop in Emmen mainly offers furniture made from bamboo.
  • For all garden owners among you: most garden centers offer bamboo. You can find care tips here


If you not only have a garden, but also countless socks with holes, then it's time for some new ones! With the TreeSocks, NIKIN has ensured that your feet stay warm even in winter. They consist of 80% of bamboo fibers and are made in Riga (Latvia). Sustainable and warm. What more do you want?! So, grab it! ;-)
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