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Between the years - with to-dos about the rough nights

The time between Christmas and the Epiphany on January 6th has many names - it is often referred to as the Rauhnächte or the time "between the years", in the Anglo-Saxon world it is referred to as the "twelve nights". It's actually hard to understand with a modern calendar that ends on December 31st and opens a new chapter on January 1st. 

The rough nights not only offer an opportunity to celebrate and get together with family and friends, but also space for reflection and organization. The two weeks of leisurely idleness can be spent within your own four walls - but there are also numerous events outside of it to suit every taste. This includes concerts and cultural events as well as the end of the Christmas markets and of course cracking New Year's Eve celebrations.

Image: When you no longer know what day it is - then the rough nights are here.

Everything is OK

Striving people use the rough nights of the past for a bit of self-organization - which also comes with the end of the year in other cultures. Where the previous year's paperwork used to be sorted and filed, today it's enough to tidy up your email inbox and perhaps bring your own backup copies up to date.

Image: Since Marie Condo, we like cleaning out a little bit more.

Make plans

The end of the year is also a time to look back - what made the old year special, which goals were achieved and which were not? What has become better? What should be on the agenda for the new year? Better than New Year's resolutions are plans that build on the results of the year that is now coming to an end - they also have a better chance of being implemented successfully. In short, the rough nights can be easily summed up: After the show is before the show!

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