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Blooming Christmas greetings – NIKIN TreeCards Grow

Buying clothes and planting trees with NIKIN where they are needed most – sounds very nice. If you want to choose a special shape for Christmas to make the world a little greener, the NIKIN TreeCards Grow are the right thing for you!

Do you want your Christmas greeting to leave a lasting impression this year? Sounds like a job for our TreeCards Grow. The postcard set made of seed paper with three different designs by Swiss artist Fabian Lavater can be planted by the recipient of your message. The paper is handmade in South Africa by a non-profit organization and contains three different types of seeds (mountains = forget-me-nots, sea = tomatoes/basil, cross-country bear = wildflowers).

This is how it works with the blooming greetings

So that you can explain to your loved ones exactly what they should do with the card, here are step-by-step instructions (which you can either learn by heart or send via a link. Up to you!).

Instructions TreeCards Grow

Growing paper, also called seed paper or seed paper, allows your message to bloom. However, the seeds do not germinate immediately because it requires good conditions and a little patience.

  • Step 1: Moisten
    Wet the seed paper. And we mean really wet! Only then can the paper dissolve properly so that the seeds can germinate.

  • Step 2: Put it in the ground
    Place the seed paper in a pot, a balcony box or directly on the ground in the garden. Preferably use seed or potting soil. The best time to plant outside is from mid-May to October. Indoors in a pot can be planted all year round.
  • Step 3: Cover well
    Cover the seed paper with approx. 1 cm of soil. This way the seeds receive enough nutrients, protection and light to germinate.
  • Step 4: Water, water and more water
    At the beginning, give a little water every day to keep the paper moist. It is best to use a sprayer with a fine nozzle or a watering can with a shower head. This way the seed paper receives water evenly everywhere.
  • Step 5: Sun, warmth and lots of love
    Provide a bright and warm place. And now all you need is patience. The first plants germinate within approx. 10-12 days and are happy about love and attention!

About the product: NIKIN TreeCards Grow

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