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Christmas: a celebration of love or a gift for retailers?

Even the Three Wise Men could hardly have imagined that the celebration of light would, over time, turn into a frenzy of consumption. Does it have to go on like this forever? And can it even do that? More contemplation and less desire to buy would do us all good. Just as Mother Earth and future generations would be happy about it.

Of course we all enjoy Christmas Eve with the family in front of the glowing Christmas tree. We eagerly await the feast and open lovingly wrapped presents before dessert. After all, we deserve it and invested a lot of time and a lot of money into it. But is that ultimately also in the spirit of those who brought Christmas into being, because the days will be longer again from December 21st?

Enough is enough, and there is another way to make sense

It doesn't have to be the newest cell phone every year, one more aftershave that sits next to the others in the bathroom, or a winter jacket that just hangs around in the closet. In 2021, every Swiss citizen spent more than CHF 330.00 on gifts. As every year, this was one of the highest sales times for the retail trade, even though 1/3 of all gifts were ordered online. Just give something that is meaningful, of high quality, of lasting value and sustainable. This is always well received and will definitely make you happy too.

Give the gift of time, you will always find it

For example, your partner or children, your nieces or your single uncle: exclusive time out for a selected person, redeemable next year, costs nothing and is a very valuable investment. Because taking time always comes from the heart and strengthens your bond. Is there a better sign of genuine appreciation, recognition and love?

Give homemade gifts for every day

How about your own tea or homemade jam, a pair of hand-knitted, cozy warm socks or a cookbook written by you - complete with a matching painted kitchen apron? If you don't have the skills, you can find similar products in social institution workshops and specialist retailers. Or with companies that have made a good name for themselves online because they produce first-class products without exploiting the environment or employees.

Give a tree for life

Imagine planting a tree for each of your children. This could become a nice tradition: every birthday you visit him and see how he grows bigger and perhaps bears fruit one day. If you don't know how and where to implement this plan, just get affordable and sustainable clothing, for example from NIKIN. Since 2016, in cooperation with OneTreePlanted, we have planted a tree for every product sold - over 1.9 million to date.

Give something that will delight for the long term

What would it be like if everyone didn't always stare at a screen and instead played something together? There are countless variations of board, card and skill games for every age group. Bet everyone is excited? Gifts in the form of subscriptions to newspapers or magazines are also suitable. Or vouchers for books. Reading slows you down, makes you smarter and doesn't require electricity: an exciting thing!

Conclusion: Despite “pre-sales”, “Black Fridays” and bargains, giving gifts can and should be enjoyable. Even more so if you approach it with your head. And you get it for free.


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