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50kg of trash = 50 trees

50kg of garbage - that was our haul from the NIKIN Clean Up Day 2022! Together with 17 motivated helpers, we cleared rubbish from our Lenzburg home base in three groups on September 17th. We sorted the waste into PET, aluminum, glass and metal and recycled it accordingly. A total of 50kg of waste was collected, which means we will plant 50 trees.

However, littering, i.e. the habit of carelessly throwing away or leaving waste in public spaces, remains a global problem. The packaging, cigarette butts, aluminum cans, drink bottles and other objects lying around are a nuisance and do not belong in nature. For example, did you know that it takes 100 years for an aluminum can to decompose? For glass bottles it is even 4000 years. Chewing gum lasts for 5 years. And yet we keep meeting them right there. What can we do about it?

1. Reduce: Try to avoid single-use products whenever possible. There are now really great alternatives for most things, such as reusable cotton pads, washable rags and sponges, fabric shopping bags, coffee cups and water bottles that last forever, fabric napkins instead of paper, and so on.

2 . Reuse: If you have already reduced but still can't avoid a disposable product, then try to reuse it as often as possible. There are no limits to creativity and things can and should definitely be used for other purposes - you can even make flower boxes out of pet bottles, for example.

3. Recycle: Once you have followed the first two steps, it is very important to properly recycle the leftover waste. Aluminum, glass, kitchen waste, paper, cardboard, pets, shampoo bottles, batteries, electronic waste and hazardous waste can easily be disposed of properly, at least in Switzerland.

Have you already firmly anchored these steps in your everyday life? Or where do you think we can all improve?

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