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Discover great outfits for the winter time

Wow, that was quick! Another month has passed and one of our last releases for this year is coming up. We'll show you how to combine the new NIKIN pieces in a "sheesh" style.

And now it's November and we're celebrating the New Arrivals Winter Release. To match the weather and temperatures (and probably also your mood after the time change), the winter arrivals consist of cozy sweaters, sweat pants as well as new treeanies and tree socks.

Presented in Youth Language 2021

Inspired by the youth language of 2021, we present this month's outfits in slang language. So that the whole thing doesn't become "cringe", but rather a perfect "hayat", we read up diligently . We recommend you do the same for better understanding. Ya salame and let’s go!

Go for a walk in style with the four-legged Bossi

New Arrivals Outfit Männer

Well, look here: the master can almost compete with the sweet four-legged friend. The general tenor in the back office for the look: “Fully based.” The color of the TreeHoddie Pine fits wonderfully into autumn and winter. POV: Otherwise, you can avoid any additional splashes of color in this outfit and instead go for simple black. The Timberlands are classics, tbh, and complete the vibe of the outfit perfectly.

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Smart outfit for every occasion

New Arrivals Outfit Women

We listened in the graphics department. Melina said to Fabia: “Wow, I feel the outfit. You can wear that for anything.” Safe, we think so too. Whether for a walk, shopping, home office or on the way to sport: this outfit always fits. Sheesh!

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And that's it again: Xalaz, my dears.


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