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How was NIKIN founded? What's difficult about being a CEO? And do we have any insider tips when it comes to marketing and eCommerce? In the podcasts in the blog you will find all the answers and much more.

In addition to customer feedback and awards, podcast requests are also a nice confirmation for us. In fact, you can now find our founders Nicholas and Robin on several podcasts where they not only talk about NIKIN, but also about personal matters and background stories.



The Navigator Podcast: Entrepreneurship, Textile Industry and Social Media

The podcast by Yannick Blatt deals with topics in the areas of marketing, HR, tech and lifestyle. With NIKIN CEO Nicholas he talks about customer feedback, capitalism, what sensible sustainability is and why many young employees work at NIKIN.

Click here for the podcast (Length: 46:26, language: Swiss German)

Kopfhörer und Kaffee

Swisspreneur Podcast: NIKIN Tattoos and how NIKIN finds its employees

With a focus on entrepreneurship, the Swisspreneur Podcast talks to founders about their experiences, learnings and setbacks. You can listen to three podcasts with NIKIN founder Nicholas. Number 144 is about various topics such as HR and NIKIN tattoos, number 101 about bootstrapping and number 99 about sustainable Swiss fashion:

Click here for Podcast 144  (Length: 47:38, language: Swiss German)
Click here for Podcast 101 (Length: 44:36, Language: English)
Click here for Podcast 99 (Length: 01:04:00, Language: English)



Beyonder Podcast: Digital and Performance Marketing

NIKIN founder Nicholas speaks in Chris Beyeler's Beyonder podcast about marketing topics such as: Where can you find the digital marketing specialists? How much budget does NIKIN use? What are NIKIN’s favorite marketing tools? And which are the best advertising platforms?

Click here for the podcast (Length: 49:02, language: Swiss German)

Mann mit Kopfhörern

Mach-dein-ding.ch: Podcast that inspires

The podcast by Nico Vogt is intended to inspire Swiss people to do their own thing. We fit in really well. After all, we always do our own thing tree by tree! NIKIN CEO Nicholas talks about the opportunities of TikTok and online structures in times of Corona.

Click here for the podcast (Length: 44:43, language: Swiss German)

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