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5 ideas for sustainable gift packaging

Have you found a great sustainable gift? Then all that’s missing is sustainable gift packaging! We'll show you great and sustainable gift packaging for Christmas and other occasions.

Sustainable gift packaging is not that difficult to achieve. In fact, there are simple and inexpensive ways to lovingly wrap your gift without harming nature. All you need is a little dexterity.


1) Furoshiki: Sustainable gift packaging without paper

The cloth packaging comes from Japan and has been known there for over 1000 years. This sustainable packaging is particularly practical if the cloth is already part of the gift or you have fabric at home that you no longer need. Our cloth, for example, is a gift from Snapchat (thanks again for the early Christmas package), which we continue to use.

Faltmethode für die nachhaltige Geschenkverpackung Furoshiki
Image: This is how you fold the cloth.

2) Basket made of tree-free paper as sustainable gift packaging

Admittedly: the tree-free paper appears a bit colorless. So you can really let off steam and add paintings and decorations! You can also adapt this sustainable gift packaging to your needs depending on the thickness of the paper. Just try it out.

Nachhaltige Geschenkverpackung aus baumfreiem Papier
Image: Use these instructions to fold your tree-free paper into a basket.

3) Waste paper becomes sustainable gift packaging

If you don't have tree-free paper at home, it's best to use recycled paper. We decided on a fancy magazine. That's a lot for homemade bags in all sizes and colors. Of course, you can also use tree-free paper for this.

Faltanleitung für nachhaltige Geschenkverpackung aus Altpapier
Image: Tadaa! This is how you breathe a second life into the Christmas catalogs!

4) Sustainable gift packaging: fabric bags

If you like to wrap the gift in a multi-purpose bag, you can either sew a bag yourself or use our TreeShopper Bags made from 100% cotton. Gifts of all kinds are also in good hands wherever there is space for your belongings. Sustainable gift packaging that can also be used later!

Produktbild: NIKIN TreeShopper AlloverProduktbild: NIKIN TreeShopper Single

The cases of our TreeGlasses are particularly suitable for small gifts such as jewelry. The cases are made of 100% organic cotton and were made from leftover fabric from our TreeShirt production. This also minimized our waste - particularly sustainable packaging.

Nachhaltige Geschenkverpackung aus unserem TreeGlasses Brillenetui

5) NIKIN wrapping paper

If you still don't want to do without wrapping paper completely, we have our TreeWrap Allover. The paper is FSC and PEFC certified, completely compostable and the printing ink consists of natural plant extract.

Produktbild: NIKIN TreeWrap Allover

Matching Christmas gifts from NIKIN

Are you still looking for the right gift? Discover the NIKIN range now and plant a tree for every product you order! We have also put together guides for sustainable gifts in this blog. And don't worry; If you're late, there's always the NIKIN gift cards.
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