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Discover the innovative NIKIN materials

We process well-known materials such as cotton and bamboo viscose, but do you know what Piñatex®, ECORUBBER® and SEAQUAL® are? Discover all our materials now.

You can now see a complete list of all our materials on our website. In fact, the list is now quite long, because our product team is always looking for new and, above all, sustainable materials (see the GIF).


The list includes all of our materials and explains in more detail what the substance or resource is. We will also tell you what we value about the material and why we process it. 

Piñatex®, ECORUBBER® and SEAQUAL® 

We are proud of using recycled and sustainable materials such as ECONYL®, Polylana®, Piñatex®, ECORUBBER® and SEAQUAL®. Piñatex® is a material made from the remains of the pineapple harvest and is used as a substitute for leather.

Sohlen NIKIN

ECONYL®, Polylana®, ECORUBBER® and SEAQUAL® are all made from recycled polyester/plastic. SEAQUAL®, for example, is largely plastic from the sea, which is collected and reused. Really cool, right? You can find all details and information about the other materials and SEAQUAL® on the new page. 

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