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Earth Day 2019 – NIKIN plants trees in Colorado (USA) with OneTreePlanted

As since 1990, the international Earth Day 2019 will take place every year on April 22nd. This year, together with our partner, OneTreePlanted, and many volunteers, we are planting around 5,000 trees in the US state of Colorado!

Earth Day 2019 – NIKIN is joining in!

As since 1990, it takes place every year on 22nd. April the international Earth Day 2019 will take place. “Earth Day” is about strengthening appreciation for the natural environment, but also encouraging people to rethink their own consumer behavior.

This year, together with our partner, OneTreePlanted, and many volunteers, we are planting around 5000 trees in the US state of Colorado! We are really happy to be there and to lend a hand and give something back to the earth.

We will keep you up to date with this Blog and report daily on what we experience during our time in Colorado. Follow us on social media, where we regularly share impressions with you. (Instagram: @nikinclothing , Facebook: @nikinclothing)



Day: 1: 17. April 2019

06.40:00 meeting point at Zurich Airport. About thirteen hours later we reach the city of Denver, in the central US state of Colorado, without any major difficulties. Matt Hill and his crew from OneTreePlanted welcome us to the hotel, with whom we will be planting several thousand trees at the foot of the Rocky Mountains on the occasion of #EarthDay2019. After a cheerful dinner at a local brewery, we soon lie down and recharge our batteries after a long day. We are excited to see what awaits us in the coming days!

 NIKIN in Colorado Day 1


Day 2: 18. April 2019

Recovered and strengthened, we make our way to downtown Denver, where we meet with Matt Hill, the founder of OneTreePlanted, and his entire crew and discuss past and future projects. Like us at NIKIN, Matt's team also grew significantly last year and was able to achieve over 1.5 million trees will be planted!

Afterwards we use the free afternoon and lose ourselves in the streets of the 700,000 metropolis in the heart of the United States. Beautiful spring weather draws people outside - so it's no surprise that Coors Field, home of the local baseball team, the Denver Rockies, is very busy. A new experience for most of us, a great experience that even ends with a victory for the home team. Tomorrow we leave for the place where we will be on the 20th. April, together with OneTreePlanted and many other volunteers, will plant around five thousand trees.



Day 3: 19. April 2019

At 7.At 30 p.m., after a half-hour drive, we arrive at the tree planting site in question, on a gigantic area in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The area, now barren and rocky, was not always so lifeless. Around nine years ago, a forest fire that was actually controlled and started for ecological reasons degenerated, completely destroying a large area of ​​forest and ultimately leaving behind thousands of burnt tree trunks. After a few years of recovery, the time has now come when new life should be breathed into this dead area with fresh seedlings.

After visiting the tree planting site, we drive through the seemingly endless expanses along the Rocky Mountains to the place where the soon-to-be-released seedlings have grown from small sprouts to strong young trees - the Colorado State Forest Nursery. Zach, who is actually a trained chef, now runs the tree nursery, which raises several million seedlings every year and supplies them to tree planting projects across the USA. He takes us through the greenhouses, explains how the seeds are planted correctly and how nature is imitated as closely as possible in the greenhouse - so that as many strong seedlings as possible grow in as short a time as possible, which can then be handed over to nature.

In the afternoon we visit the local “New Belgium” brewery and enjoy cozy hours in summer temperatures, during which we get to know our friends from OneTreePlanted better.

 Colorado State Nursery


Day 4: 20. April 2019

As the sun rises we set off to the tree planting site we had already explored above the city of Boulder, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. The preparations will soon be completed and the first volunteer tree planters will arrive promptly at 10 a.m. Around 400 helpers are expected, from young to old, various OneTreePlanted partner organizations but also many locals who have found their way to the tree planting site. Some of them are not planting trees for the first time - someone explains that he has already planted over 100,000 trees in his life.

Around 5,000 trees are being planted today - in ten years a forest will have grown again. But first the young “Ponderosa Pines” have to be carefully planted in the previously dug hole. Trees are planted under the scorching sun for five hours. Tree experts have marked some of the seedlings with a chip so they can return in one, two and five years and see how the planted trees fare in their new environment. With the return of the forest, the air, soil and water quality automatically improves and offers new habitats for rare wild animals such as the “cougar” cat. Of the 5,000 trees, some were definitely sponsored by our customers.

Cool and motivated people, wonderful weather and a common goal make the tree planting event a complete success and an unforgettable experience. It's just good to give something back to nature and it's also so much fun!

 Tree Planting Day


Day 5: 21. April 2019

Our journey to OneTreePlanted is slowly coming to an end. We really enjoyed the great time with OneTreePlanted and are sure that these days strengthened the bond with our tree planting partner even more. Lots of personal conversations and mutual exchange give us a good feeling about our continued collaboration with OneTreePlanted. We look forward to many more joint projects with OneTreePlanted! THANK YOU GUYS!


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