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Spring in the forest - a mini etiquette for walks

What could be better than enjoying spring in nature? We looked around the region of our home base in Lenzburg and discovered some wonderful forest walks and hikes. But the focus is not only on the beauty of nature, but also on sustainability. We would like to share some behavioral tips with you today - of course these apply not only to the area around Lenzburg, but everywhere.

Before you start your spring walk, remember that the forest is a delicate ecosystem. So only take what you need with you to avoid waste. Instead, you can pack a reusable water bottle and a cloth bag for snacks. If you find strange rubbish in the forest, please take it with you and dispose of it later in a rubbish bin or container.

Image: Wild garlic blooms in spring. 

Easter bunny, fawn and co.

The forest is home to numerous animal and plant species and their protection is an important issue. Make sure to treat nature with respect and not leave the paths. Also avoid picking flowers and feeding animals.

Attention: With spring comes the time of the young animals in the forest. From April 1st to July 31st, the legal leash requirement for dogs applies in Aargau and most other cantons of Switzerland. Out of consideration for wild animals, there should also be Noisy activities at dusk and at night are avoided.

Image: Please do not feed or pet wild animals. 

Sustainable arrival

If possible, the best way to get to the starting point of your forest walks or hikes is by public transport or bicycle. This reduces CO2 emissions and relieves the already overcrowded Easter traffic.

Image: Recharge your batteries and get good vibes in the forest. 

These are our favorite routes

Here are some of our favorite routes for forest walks and hikes in the Lenzburg region. For a detailed tour plan you can find all the information here.

  • Circular hike Schafisheim - Seon - Schafisheim

This easy circular hike leads through forests and meadows and offers a beautiful view of the Alps. The starting and finishing point is Schafisheim train station. The hike takes about two hours and is also suitable for families with children.

  • Hike Lenzburg - Wildegg

This moderately difficult hike leads from Lenzburg Castle to Wildegg Castle. On the way you can enjoy the view of the Aare and the surrounding forests. The hike takes about three hours and is also suitable for experienced hikers.

  • Circular hike Bözen - Schafisheim - Bözen

This easy circular hike leads through forests and meadows and offers a view of the beautiful landscape around Bözen. The starting and finishing point is Bözen train station. The hike takes about two hours and is also suitable for families with children.

  • Möriken-Wildegg nature trail

The Möriken-Wildegg nature trail leads through the forests and offers a lot of information about nature and wildlife in the region. The start and finish point is at the Felsenegg car park, from where you will find the path signposted.

Image: Just in time for Easter, nature seems to awaken from the winter sheep. 

In that sense: Happy Easter!

We hope that our tips for sustainable forest walks and hikes have given you some inspiration for your Easter trips. Take the opportunity to discover the beauty of nature by acting in an environmentally conscious manner and protecting the forest and its inhabitants.

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