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Fast vs. slow fashion: where does NIKIN stand?

Customers sometimes ask us whether we are a fast fashion or slow fashion brand. In fact, we are grappling with this question in many areas. A look behind the scenes of a growing company in the field of fashion and sustainability.

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Customers sometimes ask us whether we are a fast fashion or slow fashion brand. In fact, we are grappling with this question in many areas. A behind-the-scenes look at a growing fashion and sustainability company. 

Our customers are entitled to ask us anything and we are happy to answer them. Ultimately, the person shopping should fill the shopping cart with a clear conscience. When it comes to the topic of fast versus slow fashion and where we see ourselves, we would like to go a little further. This is to show you what we think about and why we see ourselves more in the area of ​​slow fashion. 

But what is fast fashion and what is slow fashion?  
Basically there is no one Definition for the two ways of producing, selling and consuming fashion. By Fast Fashion, NIKIN understands the very rapid production of goods that are not designed to last for a long time or to survive a “trend”. The digitalization of the last few years as well as the globalization of production chains has enabled the fashion industry as well as consumers to produce more and more clothing, faster and faster. to buy. It goes without saying that this is a burden on nature and the environment. 

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Conscious shopping with fair brands
This is opposed by the Slow fashion movement . The concept of this: wear clothes longer, release new collections less quickly, but create timeless clothing that lasts a long time. The materials and production processes should also be chosen and organized more consciously. Slow fashion also includes making clothes yourself, repairing them or shopping second hand. Another important point is the focus on people themselves: how they shop and what awareness they develop of their own behavior. This also includes knowing what settings your favorite labels have. Which brings us back to the topic: is NIKIN “Fast” or “Slow”? 

This is what our employees say 
We would like to have our employees answer this. After all, they are the ones who incorporate our values ​​such as environmental awareness and closeness to nature on the various fronts. “We are definitely not a fast fashion brand, but we place too much emphasis on sustainability,” Patrick, Head of Buying, is convinced. Priscila, who designs the NIKIN product range, adds: “We have a very conscious product development approach and rely on basics. We also attach great importance to the quality of the products. Therefore, in my opinion, NIKIN stands for slow fashion.» Luca, team leader marketing, continues: “We are a growing company and therefore always have new releases – this certainly doesn’t make us completely perfect.» However, consumers at NIKIN would have the security that the clothes are made under fair conditions in Europe, are made of sustainable materials and, “we invest a lot of resources in our external communication in the interests of the environment.» 

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This is how slow fashion works in your everyday life
In fact, it is not just the fashion brands themselves that are responsible . You too can help and make a big difference with just a little! In addition to consciously choosing where and from whom you buy your clothes, you can do these things: 
- Ask yourself the question: how important are trends to me? Start looking for timeless designs 
- Appreciate the clothes you have: take care of them and look after them properly 
- Do you really need the item: only buy what you will actually use and think carefully about how long you will wear the item of clothing
- Repair, recycle , donate, exchange and sell old clothes. Commit to ensuring that your clothing can be reused for other purposes 

Do you have any questions for us and would you like to know more? Or do you have further ideas on how to implement slow fashion in everyday life or at NIKIN? Then write it in the comments below. 

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