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Four sustainable Christmas decorations to make yourself

It should be beautiful and festive, but also sustainable: the Christmas decorations. If you can make them yourself, you'll start the new year with a few extra karma points. Good, right?

But what actually is sustainable Christmas decorations? We have defined it for ourselves as follows: sustainable Christmas decorations are best...

  • ... can also be used again after the holidays
  • ... is made from resources that you already have at home or find in nature
  • ... preferably made from more ecological materials such as glass, wood and compostable food

1. «Honey, where is your best clothes hanger?»

This sustainable Christmas decoration impresses with its simplicity. The nicest hanger in the house, string and paper. It's best to use tree-free ones. With a little dexterity, the Christmas trees come out quite well. If the 3D Christmas trees are too heavy for you, we recommend switching to 2D.


2. The fir tree is the focus of this sustainable Christmas decoration

All you need for this sustainable Christmas decoration are glass bottles, long candles and some pine branches. The latter is best picked directly from the forest floor. You don't have to buy the glass bottles additionally either. At best, wine or fruit juice bottles can be recycled this way!

3. A new look for your candles

You probably already have candles in your home. So that they get a suitable outfit for Christmas, they go to the food department to auction off a bunch of cinnamon sticks. These can be attached around the candle with a beautiful ribbon.

4. Homemade candles in 10 minutes

This sustainable Christmas decoration can be made with either beeswax or with normal wax if you want the candle to be vegan. Simply dissolve wax in a glass of your choice using a water bath. It's worth making sure that the wick stays nice and centered. Alternatively, there is also wax for rolling, for example here.

Perhaps you also have other decoration ideas or would you like to implement ours straight away? Send us a photo of your creation via social media and we will add it to this blog. Happy crafting!

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