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Get out into nature: great activities in spring

On the 20th Meteorological spring begins in March. The awakening nature and the warming rays of sunshine lure people back out into the fresh air. The approaching spring has a lot to offer - you can look forward to the following activities in spring.


It's almost that time again: spring is just around the corner, people's “hibernation” is coming to an end and we can finally go outside into nature again.

What’s fun for everyone…

When the days get longer again, the sun shines more often and the air smells somehow different, you feel like coming out on your own. Nature lovers have the choice between designed and “free” nature:

  • Excursions to parks and gardens

No matter where you live, there are smaller or larger green spaces, parks or botanical gardens near you. There's a lot going on there in spring - because some trees bloom before the rest of nature turns green again. The early bloomers among the flowers are already awake - snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips are competing in their spring blooms. Fruit trees prepare their blossoms for bees and the fluffy pussy willows cover the branches with their splendor. So: let’s get out!

  • Forests in the near and far surroundings

In the forest, being as careful and attentive as possible, the awakening of nature can be observed even better. The birds that have returned are now making their presence known, and the first green leaves are appearing in the deciduous or mixed forest. You can feel how the forest is breathing a sigh of relief after the winter. If you are traveling alone or in very small groups, you can simply sit down and unwind and let the scents of the forest, the sounds and the colors work their magic on you. If you are very quiet and patient, you have a good chance of observing smaller wild animals such as deer as they go about their “everyday errands”.

Plant flowers – when, if not now?

Spring is the time of flowers, and you can bring them into your home. This works particularly well with flower bulbs. You can plant the first bulbs as early as the beginning of February, if you leave them at weekly intervals, then brightly colored flowers will bloom on your home windowsill at intervals until April. Skilled gardeners can get the bulbs ready for the next winter starting in the summer.

Picnic in the countryside

If the weather permits, just pack a basket with goodies and head out into the countryside. Find a sunny spot and enjoy a picnic – why not? You can do this however you like. There is almost nothing better for children.

But be careful, spring is also tick time. The small insects can transmit dangerous diseases - so always wear closed shoes and long trousers in the forest. When you get back home, it's worth doing a thorough body check.

Cook for spring

In spring there are special delicacies that you can collect yourself or buy fresh. It doesn't always have to be the first strawberries. Wild garlic is also a hit. From the end of March and into April, the “wild garlic” with its distinctive scent and taste grows. Not only does it smell wonderful in the forest, but it can also be perfectly processed into fresh pesto or salad. However, if you want to collect it yourself, you should be careful not to confuse the leaves with the highly poisonous lily of the valley. Both plants love the same locations, but wild garlic releases its garlic scent when you rub the leaves.

Nature activities with children

Children who have hardly been able to play outside all winter are even more happy than adults when the inviting nature opens its doors again. We head outside with bikes, badminton rackets and balls. But a walk in the forest or garden is also fun. Especially when you encourage the little ones to identify flowers, trees and animals.

At home you can use birch, beech etc. Make “profiles” with pictures and then send the children off to find as many trees and plants as possible. Small prizes for the most avid plant detectives? Coloring books with plant motifs or, for older children, a plant identification book.

There are more than enough opportunities to enjoy spring!

These are of course just a few of the many ways to finally be able to breathe deeply again at the end of winter, have fun and enjoy nature to the fullest. There are also guided hikes and walks, sometimes especially for families with children, such as those organized by the Alpine Club, sporting activities and also cultural events such as concerts, as soon as the weather is good again. They all have one thing in common – they allow us to consciously enjoy nature!


We at NIKIN are primarily concerned with sustainable materials in the fashion industry and fight against global deforestation. Our blog is intended to help you rethink your own lifestyle and make it more sustainable. Immersing yourself in nature makes you “awaken” to the many biotopes in our world that are worth protecting.

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