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Get to know the NIKIN manufacturers in Portugal

NIKIN visited all producers in Portugal. Spread over five days, we personally visited all of our manufacturers, made personal contacts and ensured that our standards were being met. So that you can get some impressions, we take a look behind the scenes in the blog.

It started a week ago on Monday. The lucky ones from the production and marketing teams, who had landed in sunny Porto the day before, headed to the first factory. The distribution across two cars was not particularly spectacular; similar to the offices in Lenzburg, people remained loyal to their team. Evil tongues claim that the product team is constantly getting lost. In fact, they got to the first factory too late: apparently there are two villages near Porto with the same name, both of which also have a street with the same name. What a start!

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Day 1: The Most Diverse Producer

First we visited Pedro outside Porto. He is one of our biggest producers in Portugal. In his extensive factory on a hill on the edge of the village, he produces tree shirts, hoodies, sweaters and trousers for us. He impressed us with his open and inviting manner as well as the quality of the entire manufacturing process. You can see what the factory looks like from the inside in the video: 

Day 2: New yarn tested on site! 

On the second day in Porto, we diligently visited other producers. The visit to Carlos, who makes our knitwear, was particularly impressive. Because he is currently testing for us with a new yarn made from recycled jeans. Who knows, maybe you'll soon find it processed in one of our new collections!

Teampicture Porto Tag 2

Day 3: Dyeing clothes with coffee and onions

The third day got off to a lively start in the car of the “Lenzburg thigh knockers”. That’s what Team Marketing called itself in Porto. The product team, on the other hand, couldn't come up with a team name. “Probably too busy to get lost,” said social media manager Patrick with a wink. Like every day, we visited several manufacturers. Including a factory that colors products with organic material such as onions or coffee. NIKIN founder Robin was enthusiastic: “This is of course exactly the type of manufacturer that suits us.” 

Day 4 and 5: Shoes, hangtags and goodbye, postage!

The last few days have been all about TreeShoes and hangtags. The latter are the cardboard cards with a barcode that our producers attach to the clothes. They are also manufactured at Porto in a small factory. Our vegan TreeShoes are made just 20 minutes away by another producer. Certain steps in the production of the shoe are still handcrafted, which was great to watch!

Conclusion of our visit to Porto: it's worth it! Personal contacts create understanding, simplify processes and inspire new designs and methods. We can also say with a clear conscience: our manufacturers meet our standards and share our values.


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