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Gifts – sustainable alternatives for your customers, employees, family and friends

The Christmas season is almost upon us again and with it the pre-Christmas stress begins. With a few tips for sustainable gifts, you can avoid this hardship and enjoy the good times in a relaxed manner.

The Christmas season is almost upon us again and with it the pre-Christmas stress begins. With a few tips for sustainable gifts, you can avoid this hassle and enjoy the wonderful time in a relaxed manner.

Sustainable Gifts

The calm before the storm. It's still a few months away, but Christmas is getting closer and closer and everyone knows that the Christmas season isn't exactly the most relaxing time of the year. There are what feels like ten Christmas dinners coming up, the cookies won't bake themselves and the tree (from sustainable farming, of course!) still needs to be decorated. Have you already installed the winter tires? A service before the holidays probably wouldn't hurt the skis and snowboards either. And somewhere in between you also have to get the obligatory gifts for your mother, your uncle and your godfather. A miserable stress this contemplative Christmas time. 

To get through all of this without having a nervous breakdown, we have a few tips for you:


1. Start organizing early enough

There are still a few weeks before the big Christmas rush begins - so make the most of the time. Think about what you can do now that you won't have to worry about in December. Certain things are unavoidable, the cookies are best fresh and the tree should only be put up shortly before the holidays. However, you can have your skis serviced now; it's cheaper out of season anyway. The winter tires can still wait, but better too early than too late.


2. Save yourself the stress of getting Christmas presents

The Christmas presents, a thing in themselves. The Christmas season is becoming more and more materialized; it is often no longer about giving someone something because you want to - but because you HAVE TO. Start thinking now about what you WANT to give to whom. Sometimes a small, honest gesture is worth much more than anything material.

An alternative to all the “last minute” gifts that you just give because you have given something is a simple game that you probably remember from your school days: Secret Santa. Whether in the family, among friends or in business - all participants draw a name from a pot that must be kept secret. Now you have enough time to organize just one gift. You can take a lot more time to think about a really suitable gift. This way, everyone receives a personal gift that will please you much more than tons of junk that you can't use anyway and give away at the next best opportunity.

Gifts don't always have to be bought, you can simply make them yourself - this is often more cost-effective and is generally well received. Below we will show you a few gifts that are super easy to make yourself:


  • Jute bags: Fabric bags are the perfect alternative to plastic bags and accompany you through everyday life without leaving any rubbish behind. To make one yourself, you don't need much more than fabric (e.g.b old curtain), thread and a sewing machine. The bag can be individually designed using waterproof colors. You can find various instructions on how to do this on the internet.
  • Photo album: Thousands of photos that collect dust on your smartphone and are hardly ever viewed again. That doesn't have to be the case! Create a photo book for your best friend that will bring back the beautiful memories. This idea is particularly suitable for capturing unforgettable moments forever, especially after a trip together. You can find various tools for this on the Internet.
  • Agenda: A personalized agenda for your office buddy? Totally cool and super easy to make. All you need is a blank notebook that you can design yourself using your creativity. For example, you can embellish the agenda with photos, quotes or drawings, which gives the planner an additional personal touch.
  • Homemade jam: Homemade tastes best. Get regional and seasonal fruits such as strawberries or apricots and the few ingredients you already have at home and create your own jam. With the right instructions (you can also find them on the Internet) you can make a homemade and always popular gift for your loved ones.


Of course, there are many other gadgets like this that are easy and inexpensive to produce. It doesn't matter whether the gifts become works of art or not. But the recipient will notice that you took your time and thought about a suitable gift. If you have no crafting skills at all, then simply give the gift of time together in the form of vouchers for various joint activities. 


3. Sustainable company and customer gifts

Are you responsible for organizing the gifts that your company would like to offer to customers and employees for Christmas, an anniversary or any other occasion? We will help you find the right gift.

In today's world, sustainability is an increasingly important aspect in many areas of life, including when selecting customer gifts and employee gifts. But sustainability is a complex concept. What are sustainable gifts anyway?

 As mentioned above, often something is simply given as a gift and not because any serious thought has been given to what the recipient will really like. The need for sustainability is always growing and that's why you should also think about what you can do to achieve this when it comes to customer and employee gifts. Sustainable gifts are not only good for the environment, but also create a positive image of the company, which is not above promoting more sustainability and thus meeting the needs of its customers.

Sustainable gifts are of course not only things that are made from environmentally friendly materials, but also those that also take social and economic aspects into account. To do this, support local businesses or foundations that make a living from such orders. Get customer and employee gifts from brands that promote sustainable products. By choosing regional gift manufacturers, you not only support the local economy, but you also avoid importing foreign products, which involve long transport routes and large emissions.

With sustainable company and customer gifts, you can make your employees and customers aware of the sustainable use of resources and thus motivate them to also deal with the topic.


4. The most important things in brief

Think carefully in advance whether the gift makes sense for your customers, your employees or your loved ones and whether it also has a use - so that it doesn't sit there unused somewhere and is given away at the next best opportunity and ends up just as useless . Don't just give the gift that you gave something, but take the time to make a really appropriate gift.

When choosing a gift, consider the origin and the materials used. Avoid “cheap” gifts from far away countries that have to travel a long way to get to you and instead support local foundations or brands with a sustainable background. Or let your creativity run wild and simply design your gifts yourself.


5. A sustainable gift from NIKIN?

NIKIN is very concerned about sustainable and fair products. From us you can get trendy, useful and sustainable products at affordable prices that will delight every customer, employee or friend. The recipients become tree sponsors and receive a tree certificate that certifies this. Upon agreement, some of our products can even be personalized and, if necessary, we also offer direct shipping to the recipient.

Would you like to gift your customers, employees or friends with a cool NIKIN product and have a tree planted in their name? – Then contact us directly via

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