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GOTS – NIKIN joins in!

Global Organic Textile Standard, GOTS for short, is an internationally recognized certification with the vision that organic textiles become an essential part of everyday life, improving people's lives and benefiting the environment. NIKIN has also been certified by GOTS since 2019, but what is GOTS actually?

Global Organic Textile Standard, or GOTS for short, is an internationally recognized certification with the vision that organic textiles become an essential part of everyday life, improving people's lives and benefiting the environment. NIKIN has also been certified by GOTS since 2019, but what is GOTS actually?


NIKIN aims to bring sustainable and fair products to people at affordable prices. Of course, this wasn't possible from day one (end of 2016) - because fair and sustainable production simply costs more to produce than a cheap product made in Asia. Continually improving and becoming even more sustainable and fair was important to us right from the start.

We now produce almost exclusively in Europe - our textiles come from European Türkiye. Our producer is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) - which ensures fair and sustainable production.

In January we also had ourselves inspected by GOTS - after a very detailed inspection we received our certification successfully and with much praise. We have been GOTS certified since 2019, which makes us very proud and brings us even closer to our goals.

So we are now GOTS certified, but what is GOTS?

The abbreviation GOTS stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. The internationally recognized standard guarantees ecologically produced fabrics and was introduced in 2006. The standard has now made a name for itself worldwide and is increasingly a quality benchmark in trade and industry, but also among customers. GOTS certification includes raw material sowing and harvesting as well as environmentally friendly production. This not only includes processing and manufacturing, but also the packaging, labeling and trade and distribution of textiles that contain natural fibers - and these fibers must be 70% ecologically certified or be certifiable. This not only includes clothing items, but also yarns and fabrics or home textiles. In addition to environmental compatibility, ethically and socially compatible production and processing is an important part of GOTS certification.

What does GOTS stand for?

GOTS was created to make the ecological, health and social quality of natural textiles measurable and is an internationally recognized standard. The special thing about GOTS is that the entire production chain is included in this certification. Since all phases of production are checked, the requirements are high. This is the only way to ensure that completely sustainable production actually takes place in accordance with the specifications.

The demands are also made higher because the social standards are high. The absence of child labor, adequate wages that secure livelihoods, and protective measures in the workplace are also reviewed.

What requirements are required for certification?

Certification according to the GOTS standard practically starts from scratch. Let's take cotton as an example - cotton is the raw material for half of all clothing worldwide. GOTS certification begins with the ginning of the cotton. Organic cultivation in accordance with agricultural standards, such as the EU Organic Regulation, is required in order to be acceptable. An on-site inspection includes checking the entire processing and also the retail chain - all, really all companies that are involved up to the point of distribution to the end customer are checked annually and on site in order to be able to receive and keep the GOTS seal.

Why is it worth getting certified?

The advantage for retailers: Once you have received the GOTS seal, you can advertise with it, but strictly limited to the products that actually deserve this label. Other items may also be offered, but the distinction from GOTS-certified products must be clear and obvious.

For the retailer, certification is a quality feature. Customers have the certainty of being able to purchase sustainably produced products with a seal of quality. This makes producers and retailers who decide to take this step the first point of contact for customers who value the verifiable sustainability of their goods.

The customer, in turn, receives a selection criterion when purchasing with the standard. The certified companies can be viewed in the publicly accessible GOTS database!

Sustainability at NIKIN

So we now have the white shirt on a green background - and with that we have made a little further progress in our efforts to make the world a little bit better through sustainable products.

In addition, our customers sponsor a tree with every item purchased from NIKIN - planted by our partner organization OneTreePlanted!

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