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Sustainable Christmas gifts that bring joy – tips from NIKIN

Only a few days left until Christmas and you're still looking for great Christmas presents? Here you will find creative inspiration for gifts of a different kind.

Only a few days left until Christmas and you're still looking for great Christmas presents? Here you will find creative inspiration for gifts of a different kind.


This year's festive season will be different than what we are used to. The time to get together is massively affected by the current situation and we are all forced to keep our distance from one another. And yet the most wonderful time of the year shouldn't be completely ruined. We offer you some ideas for creative Christmas gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient's face and do something good straight away.

Do It Yourself!

Gifts don't always have to be bought, you can simply make them yourself - this is often more cost-effective and is generally well received. Below we will show you a few gifts that are super easy to make yourself:

  • Jute bags: Fabric bags are the perfect alternative to plastic bags and accompany you through everyday life without leaving any rubbish behind. To make one yourself, you don't need much more than fabric (e.g.b old curtain), thread and a sewing machine. The bag can be individually designed using waterproof colors. You can find various instructions on how to do this on the internet.
  • Photo album: Thousands of photos that collect dust on your smartphone and are hardly ever viewed again. That doesn't have to be the case! Create a photo book for your best friend that will bring back the beautiful memories. This idea is particularly suitable for capturing unforgettable moments forever, especially after a trip together. You can find various tools for this on the Internet.
  • Agenda: A personalized agenda for your office buddy? Totally cool and super easy to make. All you need is a blank notebook that you can design yourself using your creativity. For example, you can embellish the agenda with photos, quotes or drawings, which gives the planner an additional personal touch.
  • Homemade jam: Homemade tastes best. Get regional and seasonal fruits such as strawberries or apricots and the few ingredients you already have at home and create your own jam. With the right instructions (you can also find them on the Internet) you can make a homemade and always popular gift for your loved ones.


You don't just have time, you take it

Great gifts don't necessarily have to be material. Most of the time it is the small gestures that have the biggest impact. We live in a busy world, everyone is busy somewhere, on the move a lot and rarely really gets to rest. But you also need a break every now and then to reflect on what is really important in life. Time is a limited and therefore one of the most valuable assets and must therefore be used very conscientiously. Rekindle an old friendship or relationship by reserving some of your precious time for someone important in your life. The following activities are just a few of thousands of ideas that provide plenty of fun, whether as a couple or in a group.

  • Game night: Whether Monopoly, Scrabble or card games – the selection of great games is huge. The fun factor is guaranteed!
  • Movie night: Film enthusiasts will definitely be happy if you give them an evening where they can show you all of their favorite films. Or you can watch an exciting documentary or a thrilling series together.
  • Playing music: Have you ever learned to play an instrument or even been in a band? Then now might be the perfect time to brush up on your musical skills!
  • Cooking: Whether as a couple or in a group - cooking expands your culinary sense and, if everything goes well, you might end up with a real feast that you can then enjoy with a glass of wine.
  • Coffee party: When good friends gradually lose sight of each other, there's nothing better than consciously taking the time to meet up for a coffee or a beer and just talk about what's going on in your lives This is how it works, reminiscing about old times or launching new joint projects for the future.



An animal sponsorship

With this gift you not only delight animal lovers, but also offer our animal friends a perspective. There are various organizations that are actively involved in projects that want to improve and preserve the welfare of local animals or in distant regions of the world. With a sponsorship, individual endangered animals, entire animal species or entire habitats can be protected and preserved. On the Internet you can find various local or global projects under the keyword “animal sponsorship” that would thank you for your contribution.

A tree sponsorship

Speaking of sponsorships: you can also give away a tree sponsorship! A sponsorship makes an important contribution to the biodiversity of the forest and helps to fairly compensate the forest owners for not using the trees. Here, too, there are many different projects and ways in which you can help. Sponsorships can be acquired for new or existing trees, for which you often receive a personal certificate.


It's even easier and more effective if you donate any number of trees in the name of your loved one, which will then be planted in places around the world where they previously disappeared for various reasons such as the timber industry or natural events such as forest fires. We recommend our tree planting partner OneTreePlanted.

A great Christmas present from NIKIN?

As you know, together with OneTreePlanted we plant a tree for every product sold. With the order we also send a personal tree certificate made of tree-free paper, which confirms that a tree will actually be planted in the name of the recipient.

Like every year before Christmas, we offer some inspiration for sustainable and beautiful Christmas gifts in the form of various selected combos. And in fact, you are guaranteed to find a cool combo for every taste. With the Winter/Outdoor Combo you will bring great joy to all active outdoor fans. For anyone who prefers to take it easy and relax at home these days, the Cozy Combo or Stay Home Combo is the perfect choice. For friends with family and children, the Family Combo or Kids Combo is the right choice. On the occasion of the release of the X-Mas Collection, you will receive a TreeJama top and bottom part of your choice in a special offer with the X-Mas Release Combo. Do you have trouble choosing and do you like to be surprised? The Surprise Gift Box is a compilation of various products from our range, which we can put together as desired. As an alternative, you can also give away NIKIN gift cards, on which you can save 10% for a short time.

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