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Have you planted your own tree yet?

We plant a tree for every single product sold - it has never been so easy to do something good and give something back to nature. But what could be cooler than planting your own tree yourself? Try it out – with the NIKIN TreePlanting Kit!

We plant a tree for every single product sold - it has never been so easy to do something good and give something back to nature. But what could be cooler than planting your own tree yourself? Try it out – with the NIKIN TreePlanting Kit!

TreePlanting Kit

We have been planting trees in various places around the world since 2016. There are now around 390,000 trees and there are plans to add many more - because, as we all know, there can never be enough trees. We realize this together with our partner organization OneTreePlanted, a renowned non-profit organization from the USA. The trees are planted where they were previously planted for various reasons such as agriculture, the timber industry, habitat or natural events such as forest fires, droughts, etc. Have disappeared. We also organized the first NIKIN Tree Planting Day in spring 2019, where we planted around 500 trees in a native forest in Lenzburg with 50 volunteers. More Tree Planting Days are to follow soon.

A tree doesn't need much

Our TreePlanting Kit contains three Swiss-grown spruce seeds, a pile of soil and detailed instructions. That's all it takes - except maybe a little patience and a lot of affection on your part.

The more trees the better!

Fortunately, Switzerland has so far been spared from mass illegal deforestation or major natural disasters with long-term effects. Of course, our legal system provides a certain degree of security that we will not be confronted with the former problem in the future. And yet more and more green spaces are disappearing – including in Switzerland. And that's why it certainly doesn't hurt to lend a hand and do something yourself. Plant your own tree!

Threats to our forests

Our native forests also continually face challenges, some of which are caused by us humans, but also by natural events:

  • Forest fires: Every year 40-80 fires break out in Swiss forests, 90% of which are caused by humans - either negligently or intentionally. Especially in hot summers like the one we experienced in 2018, the risk of a forest fire increases significantly. One of the most devastating forest fires in Switzerland took place in a hot summer in 2003. Above Leuk (canton of Valais), over 450 hectares of forest with around 200,000 trees were destroyed - as much as in the whole of Switzerland in a whole year! Graubünden and Ticino also have to contend with regular forest fires.
  • Snow avalanches: Mountain forests are considered natural barriers to small and medium-sized avalanches by preventing avalanches from starting. In larger avalanches, even they usually have no chance. The Valaisians also remembered the snowy winter of 2017/2018: in the Turtmanntal, around 15 hectares of forest and numerous mountain huts were destroyed by avalanches.
  • Diseases and pests: Fungi and insects in particular attack trees and cause them considerable damage. Spruce trees marked by environmental influences or diseases are considered breeding grounds for bark beetles, which means that heat and dry periods cause beetle populations to continue to rise. The winter storms of January 2018 created additional breeding material, further aggravating the situation - the consequences of which are still evident today. Timely clearance of damaged trees is the best way to combat beetles. Alien organisms, against which our trees cannot defend themselves well, pose a further challenge.
  • Other natural events such as rockfalls, floods, landslides and erosion are also challenges for our forests.

TreePlanting Kit

Planting trees makes you happy

Even though our forest is legally protected from deforestation (except in exceptional cases), there are challenges and damage that are either caused by humans or occur naturally. This makes it all the more important to value the forest and contribute to its continued existence. On your doorstep, in the garden next door or in the forest: it doesn't matter where you plant your tree. The main thing is that you have fun and will soon be proudly watching the tree you planted yourself grow. Good luck!

ATTENTION: For legal reasons, we are unfortunately not allowed to send the seeds beyond the Swiss border - therefore the NIKIN TreePlanting Kit is currently only available in Switzerland.

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