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Healthy snacks while hiking: energy on the go

Hiking is beautiful, but also strenuous: that's why a balanced diet and plenty of water are essential for a great hiking experience. The following tips will help you put together the ideal snack.

Hiking is beautiful, but also strenuous: that's why a balanced diet and plenty of water are essential for a great hiking experience. The following tips will help you put together the ideal snack.

Wandern mit Snacks

Hiking is becoming increasingly trendy again - also due to Corona. But it has always been good for the body and mind. Hiking brings together various benefits. On the one hand, doctors and sports medicine experts recommend walking as an all-round form of exercise with which we do something good for our body, even if we don't do strenuous sport. Walking is free fitness in everyday life.

Pure relaxation while hiking

Hiking also means: getting out into nature, in the countryside, on meadows, in forests or in the mountains and leaving the stress of civilization behind you completely. Get oxygen and sun, experience plants and animals and recharge your batteries. Anyone who has ever gone on a long hike in a beautiful landscape is fascinated and wants to continue.

Plus points for the immune system

Regular exercise is not only good for the soul, but also strengthens the immune system and circulation. It is not for nothing that 10,000 steps a day are recommended, because when hiking or walking, regularity is what counts. If you take the time and exercise every day, you will live longer – and better. Once you get a taste for it, you can gradually increase your workload. Hikes over several days are also possible.

Run alone or in groups

In addition to developing mindfulness, the health benefits of exercise, and enjoying nature, hiking is also an activity that you can do according to your mood. Loners can set off (with the necessary safety) as well as sociable people who set off in a group with like-minded people.

Good food when hiking: Which snacks should you take with you?

In addition to the actual hiking, the hiking breaks are also important and extremely beautiful. With the right snacks they are a relaxation and a joy. Depending on the terrain, hiking does consume calories that have to be replenished over the course of the day, and drinking is also important - water, of course. ;-)


Water should be included in your luggage, even if there are occasional streams and drinking fountains along the way. Especially on warm days, you can easily lose up to 4 liters of water during a hike. And since you also lose minerals with sweat, snacks on the go should have a balancing effect. A little insider tip: refill your drinking bottle with fresh water at every opportunity, because you never know when the next opportunity will come. And by the way, nowhere else does the water stay pleasantly cool for as long as in our TreeBottle (up to 24 hours).

The small sources of energy when hiking include:

  • Energy and muesli bars
  • Nuts
  • Dextrose
  • Dried fruit and fresh fruit


If there is no “gas station” available for a lunch break on a longer hike, you should bring a packed lunch with you. Whole grain bread, possibly cheese and sausage, but also salads prepared at home in well-sealable containers can be taken on the hike and can be unpacked in a particularly beautiful place for a lunch break. Smaller snacks give you a boost of energy on the go if you feel weak after strenuous stages.


Hiking snacks and meals: It works even better together

When hiking in a group, you can plan healthy snacks together so that the preparation - and transport - is shared among all participants. Then the lunch break, but also an occasional stopover, is particularly varied. Good, healthy food has an important influence on the level of fun while hiking.

Walk mindfully on the most beautiful routes in Switzerland

We at NIKIN not only want to achieve more sustainability in fashion, but also work towards more sustainable living in other areas of life and inspire our community to make their own everyday lives more sustainable. So always remember: always leave nature the way you would like to find it.

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