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Hiking in Switzerland – the most beautiful routes

The Swiss Alps have a lot to offer: lots of snow in winter and Switzerland is a real hiking paradise in summer. The following routes are among the most popular worldwide.

Hiking is so popular because it is suitable for practically everyone. You don't have to be in top shape, you don't necessarily need special equipment, and the length and difficulty level of a hike can be chosen according to your needs. Anyone who simply wants to take a nice walk in the countryside will find the right route, as will hiking fans who prefer a more demanding route. Whether across meadows, in the forest or in the mountains, Switzerland's varied landscape has a lot to offer. Hiking always means a little break from everyday life, and even well-known routes always allow new discoveries as the seasons change.

Walk mindfully on the most beautiful routes in Switzerland

When hiking you move in nature and have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. It is important to respect nature while hiking and to treat it gently. This includes, for example, sticking to the paths, avoiding rubbish and respecting plants and animals. We at NIKIN not only want to achieve more sustainability in fashion, but also inspire our community to make their own everyday lives more sustainable. So remember: always leave nature the way you would like to find it.

Our 5 top hiking trails from easy to challenging:

1) Reichenbach Falls and Aare Gorge

An easy circular route that can be completed in around 2.5 hours, through the Aare Gorge and past the Reichenbach Falls near Meiringen and Innertkirchen. The path leads over footbridges and tunnels through the entire gorge, which became famous worldwide thanks to the duel between Sherlock Holmes and his adversary Professor Moriarty.


2) Bürgenstock Felsenweg

Another easy hike of a good 1.5 hours and not quite five kilometers, during which you can enjoy the wonderful view over Lake Lucerne, pass the highest lift in Europe from the Belle Époque and on Past Kantenli returns to the center of the Bürgenstock.


3) Aletsch Panorama Trail

This breathtaking hiking trail is moderately difficult and covers a few hundred meters in altitude over a length of around 9 kilometers. The approximately three-hour hike leads along the Aletsch Glacier, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and whose fascination makes this route so special. 

Aletsch Panoramaweg

4) Klingenstock – Fronalpstock

This route is also moderately difficult, almost 5 kilometers are covered within 2 hours, and the ridge hiking trail always offers incredible panoramas over the mountains and lakes of central Switzerland. The flora also shows its most beautiful side along this route, especially in midsummer. 


5) Oeschinensee, Blüemlisalp and Griesalp

This challenging tour along the northern flank of the Blüemlisalp is suitable for experienced hikers. At least 6 hours and adequate food must be planned for the more than 12 kilometer long route, as over 1,000 meters of altitude are overcome uphill and downhill. A stop at the Blüemlisalphütte is of course also recommended. The panorama with a view of the glacier world and Lake Oeschinen makes up for the effort on the way to Griesalp.


Do you know these routes or do you have your own insider tip? Write us a comment! 

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