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Holiday Packing Guide: Beach holidays – what shouldn’t be missing in your backpack?

Summer is here, the weather is perfect and the holidays are getting closer and closer. What plans do you have coming up? Are you heading to the sea again, exploring a new city or enjoying the summer in the cooler mountains? In our multi-part Holiday Packing Guide we show you what shouldn't be missing in your backpack for your vacation.

A day at the beach

The salty scent in the wind, the soothing sound of the sea and the warm sand under your feet. Splashing around in the water during the day, tanning in the sun and staying in the restaurant or beach bar after the sunset until late into the night - that's what a beach holiday should look like. But what should you definitely think about when you're planning a vacation on the beach?

Protect yourself

The sun provides us with lots of vitamin D and a good mood, but it also poses some dangers. Never forget to always take enough drinking water with you to the beach and to apply a high level of UV sunscreen and protect your head and eyes from too much sun. The water and sand also reflect sunlight, which has a stronger effect on your skin and causes you to sweat more. The sweaty water needs to be replaced; isotonic drinks help you keep your mineral balance under control. In our sustainable TreeBottle your drinks stay refreshingly cold for up to 24 hours and with our TreeCap you always keep a cool head.Sonne Meer

Give yourself a break

We are available every day and around the clock, answering emails or swiping through social media. The hours fly by and real life passes us by. Your daily screen time – it’s terrifying, right? Give yourself a media break, turn off your cell phone, lie down, forget your everyday thoughts, listen to the sound of the sea and concentrate solely on your breathing for 15 minutes. This simple form of meditation can work wonders and trigger deep relaxation in you.Meditation Meer

Read yourself into another world

Studies report that reading a lot prolongs life because those who read regularly stimulate their own brain cells, train their cognitive skills and improve their vocabulary and ability to concentrate. When was the last time you read a good book? Use your vacation on the beach to really immerse yourself in an exciting adventure, a thrilling crime thriller or a moving novel. Whether analogue, digital or as an audio book – the possibilities are almost limitless.

Lesen StrandDare to do something new

Just lying on the beach, switching off work and everyday life and really relaxing is good, no question about it. But if you still want to experience something, then the beach and the water offer you a wide range of fun activities. How old were you when you last flew a kite or threw a Frisbee? Discover the underwater world with diving goggles and a snorkel or try surfing. You can also book professional surfing or diving courses at many holiday resorts. The selection is large, dare and experience something new. With our TreeShorts Swim and Treekinis you'll definitely look great in all of these activities.Surfen Strand

Of course the list is not complete, but we hope these tips will inspire you with new ideas and activities for your beach vacation. We wish you a great summer at the beach! Be sure to check out our Packing Guide for your next city trip !

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