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Holiday Packing Guide: City Trip – what you should think about

Summer is here and the weather is perfect! The long-awaited summer holidays are approaching – what plans do you have? Are you going to the sea again, are you exploring a new city or are you enjoying the summer in the cooler mountains? In our multi-part Holiday Packing Guide we show you what shouldn't be missing in your backpack for your vacation.

Off to the city

The human practice of living socially and therefore with other people goes back historically to the emergence of humanity. Humans are herd animals. Individual people have always lived together among themselves, from which the first communities emerged, then villages and finally cities - and from this grew metropolises like Tokyo, the largest city of all, which has around 37 million inhabitants. Nowhere else do so many different people and cultures come together as in the modern cities of the world. Dare to venture into a new city this summer and go on a tour of discovery. The following tips will help you on your next city trip.

Good preparation

A great trip starts with packing. Think carefully about what you really want to take with you or what you can leave at home. Most of the time, far too many clothes end up in our suitcase. Is a suitcase even suitable for a trip when the streets in Amsterdam are often cobbled anyway? Find out about the local climate and the current weather. Is there a lot of rain to be expected in Marrakech? Do you really need three pairs of long pants on your trip to Rome? Save the space in your bag for souvenirs that you can bring back to your loved ones. Find out about the country's currency, get some cash and, ideally, a credit card. Nowadays you can pay by card almost everywhere. By the way, don't forget to take your student ID or something similar with you - you can get into many museums and sights cheaper this way. In summer, when it gets hotter in the cities, you should always drink enough water - our TreeBottle is of course ideal for this. It keeps its contents refreshingly cold for up to 24 hours.

Packing Suitcase

Avoid hot spots and walk or take public transport

Every city has its tourist hot spots, which these days are probably viewed more often through screens and then quickly posted on Instastory. Discovering a city on foot offers so many unique experiences. Sure, you shouldn't miss the most important sights, but keep it short and instead go on the adventure of the small and unknown neighborhoods around the city center. There you will experience the culture as it really is and not as it is specially prepared for tourism. In narrow streets you will often discover cute cafés and bars, unusual little shops and maybe even get into conversation with a real local. You can also experience pure culture on public transport. In a metropolis where millions of people travel every day, you get to see a lot of faces. Every trip can be a special experience. But find out in advance which areas you should avoid for safety reasons. If you walk a lot, be sure to get good shoes that are made for long walking. This way you prevent blisters and joint pain and don't waste time exploring.

City Cafe

Discover new culinary worlds

With a sandwich or a meal from a fast food chain, you know what you're getting. But try something new and try out the local cuisine. Research online what delicacies the city is known for and what you absolutely have to try while you're there. Look around to see which restaurants and bars are recommended, but try to avoid the hot spots. By the way, if you don't have an international cell phone subscription and are constantly dependent on Wi-Fi, there are numerous apps that also work offline. For example, in the hotel you can mark the places on the digital map that you want to visit later and you don't have to run from Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi.

City Food

Of course this list is not complete, but we hope these tips have inspired you for your next city trip. Be sure to check out our Packing Guide for your beach vacation!

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