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Ideas for autumn: How to make your home really cozy

It has been meteorological autumn since September 22nd. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting cloudier and that's why we offer you tips on how you can make yourself really comfortable at home.

It's been meteorological autumn here since September 22nd. The days are noticeably shorter, the weather is drier and that's why we offer you a few tips on how you can make yourself really comfortable at home. – Reading time: 4 minutes

Autumn Vibes


Autumn is here - and with it a retreat into your own four walls is approaching. When it gets uncomfortable outside because winter is approaching, it should be even nicer inside. Because that's exactly the appeal of autumn: enjoying the play of colors of the trees, but also rainy days from the safety of your own home, counteracting the nature that is gradually falling into hibernation with bright colors and atmospheric lighting.

We show how it works!

  • More cuddly effect: In summer and when it's very hot, we bring out cool fabrics that are pleasant on the skin and don't make us immediately break out in a sweat on the chair or sofa. In autumn it is exactly the opposite. No matter whether it's a blanket or a pillow, it can't be fluffy enough. Cozy blankets in the living room and fluffy bed linen in the bedroom allow cooler temperatures to bounce off and visually provide more warmth.
  • Warm colors: The fresh sea colors of the summer months quickly appear overcooled in autumn. Mint green, turquoise and light blue make you shiver. So bring on the warm colors in rust tones, warm dark yellow and possibly purple and dark blue.
  • Lanterns and candles: When the rain is pelting and it gets dark earlier, candles conjure up a mood in the apartment. A few candle holders and lanterns, strategically placed, enhance dark corners. If you have to take pets and small children into account, you can still create mood lighting - with dimmable light bulbs that look like candles!
  • Warmer curtains: The light, fragrant summer curtains can now leave the field over the winter. Thicker, warm versions also visually keep the cold and bad weather out and, especially in warm colors, enrich the room.
  • Carpets: Warm feet bring fluffy, cozy carpets. If you have a tiled or laminate floor, which is quite pleasant in the warm season, you can add carpets for more comfort in the winter. Thick, warm fabrics everywhere also retain heat better and are therefore not just visually appealing.
  • Create cozy oases: A comfortable armchair, a side table and a floor lamp - and you have a cozy little island where you can retreat with a good book. If the rain hits the window outside, all the better.
  • Autumnal plants: Whether fresh or dried, as potted or cut flowers, plants can be used specifically to set the mood in the home. A collage of autumn leaves in a vintage picture frame fits the season just as much as an arrangement of poinsettias, because they come in many beautiful colors. And pumpkins enhance any decoration with their bright orange.
  • Drink tea: Teas warm you from the inside, whether black or herbal tea. And a steaming teapot is a sight that simply brings joy. Since tea also awakens the spirits and prevents colds, you should always have a pot ready.


Hot Tea

Cozy tips from NIKIN

With our blogs, we at NIKIN would like to give our community tips and tricks for a better everyday life. Now autumn and winter are approaching, especially under Corona conditions. It should be particularly comfortable in your own four walls.

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