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Insights into our first crowd investing – with Nicholas Hänny

The crowd investing was a complete success: more than 4,000 new owners and an incredible 5 million francs in just a few weeks. Today we look back and give you, together with NIKIN co-founder Nicholas Hänny  a little insight into how crowd investing worked behind the scenes.

Hey Nicholas, Hand up Herz: What were your expectations of crowd investing before it started?

: "We wanted to raise one to two million and wereen  pretty convinced that we can do it . But that we reach the maximum goal before the end of the campaign period  I wouldn't have thought of that."  

How did you experience crowd investing in retrospect?

: "Before I was pretty nervous at the start. I knew, that with over 200,000 customers in Switzerland we had a good chance of a successful campaign. But the start of the Pre-Funding Phase was very successful and from there I knew that one to two million was possible. Shortly before the start of the public campaign on June 9th. In December 2022, the investments went down quite a bit again and I became restless again." 

Image: Nicholas, Robin and Jeffrey (from.lnr)

What was the biggest learning for NIKIN?

:  "We can rely on our community and have an enormous number of customers who believe in NIKIN and want to support us. I also believe that  this strengthens us enormously as a brand. We retain a portion of the best customers and customers closer to NIKIN, let them share in the success. That brings us together!" 

Did anything else surprise you?

Yes, we have created various bonus packages where, from certain amounts, e.g.b receives a goodie bag from NIKIN. From 50,000 CHF we have decided that Robin and I, as founders, come over privately  and plant a tree in the garden. We planned this because we thought the idea was funny, but didn't think anyone would invest that much. Finally there were three people who were at least. 50,000 CHF invested, and now we are really going to work in three different gardens walk past and plant a tree." 

Image: Actions instead of words.

Why did NIKIN choose the platform conda ?

: “We wanted a platform that which works well and is not too complicated. There are also other great platforms, but e.g.b a crypto wallet and we didn't want that." 

The crowdinvesting phase is completed - will there be further opportunities?

: "Another crowdinvesting financing round is not planned as of Today . But it may well be that we will do another round of financing with our community in the future. The great experiences have certainly motivated us." 

Image: "tree by tree".

Five million is a lot of money - what happens to it now?

: "The five million will primarily be used, to finance our growth plans and important projects. The Areas where the money will flow include:  Retail, B2B, product development, purchasing and sustainability. The money also helps us to plan for the long term pand to make larger investments. In the past, this wasn't always easy as a self-financed company."

What can investors expect?

: "For everyone who participated, expectn special TreeSocks  - only for co-owners. Some will also receive goodie bags and the first 1,000 investors will be invited to a forest-party. This needs to be organized now. Starting in the second quarter, investors will receive quarterly updates about the most important developments at NIKIN. We also plan to send out surveys from time to time in which you can give your opinion and thus influence the future of NIKIN . We are really looking forward to the coming years with over 4,000 new co-owners!" 

Thank you for the exciting insight! 

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