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Review of the tree planting year 2023 – NIKIN x One Tree Planted

With 2023, an intensive tree planting year with many highlights comes to an end. Thanks to the NIKIN community, we were able to support our partner One Tree Planted's tree planting projects around the world again this year. In this blog we look back at the most interesting key figures, facts and highlights.

This year we reached another incredible milestone - the NIKIN community has planted over 2 million trees in the 7 years since NIKIN has existed! Without you this would never have been possible and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

NIKIN | Jahresrückblick auf die Baumpflanzprojekte NIKIN x One Tree Planted 2023
Image: With your support we contribute to the preservation of the forests.

Planting trees – a global task

Of these over 2 million trees, we have planted approximately 333,000 trees in 2023. This corresponds to the area of ​​4,000 football fields – around 11 football fields per day! Most of these were planted in Greece, with almost 40,000 trees.

In total, we were able to make a contribution to greening and reforestation in 19 countries in 2023 - including in Switzerland. At our two TreePlanting Days in 2023 in Grüningen (ZH) and Etagnières (VD), hard-working NIKIN supporters planted a total of 800 trees in Swiss forests.

NIKIN | Jahresrückblick auf die Baumpflanzprojekte NIKIN x One Tree Planted 2023

In addition to the monthly projects, this year we are also supporting three tree planting projects for special occasions. On the one hand, we planted trees in Denmark on behalf of all crowd investors. On the other hand, every product sold in our collaborations with Ochsner Shoes and the Stadtwächter brewery plants a tree in Armenia or Belgium.

A positive impact on nature and community

The supported tree planting projects have various positive impacts on nature and the local population. The focus is different for each project: from the reforestation of mangroves to protect against floods, to the promotion of biodiversity and the preservation of the natural habitat of insects to From increasing the economic viability of an agricultural region through natural plant combinations, everything is included. In particular, involvement of the community is central to all projects, either to create long-term jobs and training positions or to directly train the population.

NIKIN can only achieve this positive impact on nature and people thanks to you, the energetic community. We would like to thank you for the support, enthusiasm and love that you show us every day - and look forward to a shared 2024 with many planted trees and greening moments!

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