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Made in Europe: NIKIN introduces two new manufacturers from Lithuania

NIKIN is committed to sustainability and transparency in the fashion industry. Today we would like to introduce you to two new suppliers from Lithuania: Skinija and Utenos.

The collaboration with Skinija and Utenos from Lithuania is an important one Part of NIKIN's strategy to produce sustainable clothing and accessories in Europe. The choice of production locations is based not only on geographical proximity, but also on the values ​​that NIKIN and its partners share. Lithuania is a country with a long tradition in the textile industry. Since independence in 1990, the industry has modernized and moved to higher standards of sustainability and work ethics.

Image: Your shirts are made here. 

More than just socks

Curtain rises for: Skinija. The company is a leading socks and tights manufacturer in Lithuania and was founded in 1996. Skinija has been producing socks for various professional sports teams and outdoor brands for years - and now also our NIKIN TreeSocks. The socks are made from high-quality raw materials and are produced, which means that they are produced both ecologically and in compliance with strict work ethics regulations.

Image: Robin visiting Skinija.

Everything under one roof

The stage is clear for: Utenos trikotažas. Our second newcomer to the group of manufacturers is the largest and most modern knitwear manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe. The company operates on a vertical manufacturing model, producing everything from design concept and yarn to the finished product  h. This allows Utenos to ensure the quality of production and apply the highest standards of sustainability and work ethics. The production of NIKIN bodywear tops and shirts also takes place in their production facilities. Exciting fact: Utenos is an official supplier for Greenpeace because almost no one else meets their criteria.

Image: A piece from the current Summer Collection.

Visiting Lithuania

NIKIN co-founder Robin Gnehm  visited the locations   a few weeks ago and was impressed by the quality and sustainability of their work. “Utenos is one of the strongest suppliers that NIKIN has come across and has several certificates and tests to ensure ecological production,” reports Robin. Production takes place almost entirely in-house, which ensures a high level of control over the quality of the products. Skinija also impressed Robin with her flexibility and reliability. «Basically, NIKIN not only looks for suppliers who produce our goods, but also manufacturers whose values ​​fit with us. Ultimately, we would like to build long-term partnerships,” emphasizes Robin.

Image: A lot of sensitivity.

Step by step, #treebytree

For NIKIN, sustainability is more than just a trend - it is a matter of the heart. We want to bring about change in the fashion industry and contribute to a more sustainable future. That's why we are proud to have found two new suppliers in Lithuania, Skinija and Utenos, who share our values.

Image: Small and large helpers in textile production. 

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