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Food from nature – healthy and free

Fresh tomatoes, zucchini and radishes from your own garden: the number of new hobby gardeners has rarely increased as rapidly as in the last few weeks. But you can also find delicious food in the wild - and it's completely free.

Fresh tomatoes, zucchini and radishes from your own garden: The number of new hobby gardeners has rarely increased as rapidly as in the last few weeks. But you can also find delicious food in the wild - and it's completely free.

Wild Food

Collect edible plants, leaves, berries and fruits in nature - foraging in the forest and in natural landscapes is finding more and more friends. People from the big city in particular are drawn back to the great outdoors. And of course you can discover foods here that are not fertilized or contaminated with pesticides. Many wild plants also have beneficial or even healing properties.

What we find on the doorstep

If you leave the concrete surroundings of cities, you will often find areas in the immediate vicinity where humans have little or no interference with nature. But you can also discover wild plants along well-used paths. From March to October, nature brings a wealth of produce to the table – you just have to look closely.

Fruits and berries

Blackberries and raspberries are well known and only require loose soil and a sunny spot. The elderberry grows along streams - gourmets dip the white flower umbels in dough and bake them, others wait for the berries, which are very tasty and are also suitable for fruit schnapps. Elderflowers can also be used to make excellent syrup. Nature also provides wild strawberries and blueberries. It is not uncommon for wild cherry trees, whose fruits are significantly smaller and a little more sour than “domesticated” sour cherries. Wild fruit trees can also be found near farms. If they are not looked after for many years, they can still bear fruit, albeit smaller and slightly woody fruit. However, you can always cook it down.

Nuts and chestnuts

Nut trees, especially walnuts, are found in mixed forests, as are the chestnuts, whose fuzzy seed capsules do not resemble the horse chestnut at all. Hazelnuts are also common plants, although they rarely grow larger than bushes.

Collect mushrooms yourself

Collecting mushrooms – a science in itself. Take heart, it's not that difficult. Anyone who has ever held a death cap next to a mushroom will see the differences at first glance. In addition, many communities have a mushroom testing center where the yield can be presented to a specialist. This is definitely advisable in order to rule out the health risks caused by the consumption of highly poisonous mushrooms due to confusion.

Flowers, leaves, herbs

What our grandparents added to the soup in bad times still tastes good today. The edible plants that you can find on your doorstep include rocket, purslane and dandelion, but also watercress and nettles. Wild garlic, the wild relative of garlic, is a delicacy. Here it is not the tubers that are collected, but the leaves that sprout in March and April. Wild garlic looks similar to wild lily of the valley and prefers the same locations, but the leaves smell distinctly of garlic when rubbed. Wild asparagus, which can also be collected in the forest in spring, is also delicious.

Wild Food

A lavish pantry

Nature actually has a lot to offer. Even vegetables such as carrots or parsnips are available in a wild form, although they are not very tasty. Much of what you collect in spring, summer or autumn can also be boiled or frozen, refreshing your diet even in winter.

Even very nature-loving kitchen fans will probably not want to eat exclusively dandelions and wild chestnuts - but the consideration of these natural treasures is gradually being incorporated into the menus of even well-known chefs.

In our consumer society we are used to having all the groceries waiting for us in the supermarket. But the nature around us offers so much - including food that can be collected for free with a certain amount of know-how.

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