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New milestone: half a million trees planted 🌲👑

“Tree by Tree” – that was NIKIN’s motto right from the start. And now, almost 3½ years later, a few trees planted have already grown into half a million. Thanks in particular to your help, we have reached another incredible milestone!

“Tree by Tree” – that was NIKIN’s motto right from the start. And now, almost 3½ years later, a few trees planted have already grown into half a million. Thanks in particular to your help, we have reached another incredible milestone!

Halbe Million gepflanzte Bäume

A single tree planted does not change the world overnight. But half a million trees planted over a period of over 3½ years makes a significant difference. And that is exactly what we have achieved now. The half million mark has been broken and we are proud to have made the world a little greener with so many trees planted. But we are far from thinking about quitting, on the contrary. Because we are already aiming for a million!

The 500,000th tree planted in Lenzburg

We have reached a milestone by reaching 500,000 trees, so we want to give this event and the 500,000th tree special meaning. For this reason, we ceremoniously planted a tree at our home - in Lenzburg - to commemorate this success and, above all, our mission: we want to make our planet greener, tree by tree. The tree is a Norway maple, which we duly dug into the ground at Markus-Roth-Platz in Lenz together with the city of Lenzburg.

How can you imagine half a million trees?

Half a million trees – that's a dimension that you can't really imagine. To put that into perspective, imagine this: There are approximately 535 million trees in all of Switzerland. If we were to plant all of these 500,000 trees in Switzerland, it would be approx. Make up 0.1% of the total number of trees. A small number? That's deceptive, because half a million trees are equivalent to more than 16,000 football fields. And when you consider that an area seven times the size of Switzerland is destroyed every year, every tree planted makes a difference. The important thing, however, is to know where and how trees need to be planted. Because only a small proportion of the trees we plant grow in Switzerland. The majority was planted where it was urgently needed.

Where are our trees planted?

Planting trees indiscriminately is neither sensible nor sustainable. It's better to leave that to our foresters or, like us, an organization that is committed to forest reforestation. Knowing that there are places in the world that urgently need reforestation, NIKIN has trusted the non-profit organization OneTreePlanted since the beginning. They decide where in the world the trees are needed most and most urgently - whether that is Australia after the forest fires, South America or Africa. For example, they have planted over 5.7 million trees worldwide since 2015. So that NIKIN could get their own impression of the work of OneTreePlanted, they visited Nicholas Hänny and Robin Gnehm in Canada and the USA in 2018 and 2019 and planted trees with them.

Why trees are so important

Trees and their functions are vital for humans as well as animals and are actually small - or sometimes very large - masterpieces of nature. One of their most important tasks is to clean the air. For example, they remove the greenhouse gas CO2  from the atmosphere and convert this into oxygen. As a “green lung”, a single tree can absorb an average of up to 5 kilograms of air pollutants per year and at the same time produce 130 kilograms of oxygen. An impressive achievement for a single tree. What entire forests can do, however, becomes particularly clear during natural disasters, as forests literally stand in the way of avalanches, rock falls and landslides and thus prevent major damage. The forest floor also filters and stores rainwater, which plays an important role in drinking water use.

Apart from that, the forest offers a home to numerous animals and plants and is a source of food and protection at the same time - from insects and spiders to birds and mammals. For us humans, the forest offers a place of relaxation where we can relieve stress and unwind. Trees also provide us with protection from the sun in summer. A service that is provided to us free of charge.

Switzerland as a land of trees

It's easy to unwind in the forest, especially in Switzerland, as 1/3 of the area in Switzerland is covered by forest. Everywhere there is a place for them and the opportunity to literally put down roots. Spruces, firs and beeches are the most common trees in Switzerland. And while our trees live to an average of 100 years, the record is set by a yew tree, which can boast an impressive 1,500 years. The largest tree in Switzerland, a Douglas fir, is in Madiswil in Bern and is around 61 meters high; compared to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it would just barely reach above the first floor.

If the Swiss forest were divided equally among the country's population, each resident would be responsible for around 75 trees. And suddenly the relationship with our forests feels a little more familiar, especially since you can visit, name or hug your own trees. The respect and gratitude we should show our trees would probably be greater this way. This makes it all the more important to protect and value nature and our trees. After all, cutting down a tree only takes a fraction of the time it takes for a tree to regain its majestic size.

You can help plant trees so that we can soon hit the million!

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