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New tree planting project in Vietnam

"Tree by Tree" - that is our promise and the way we make a difference with NIKIN. Together with One Tree Planted and our community, we are committed to various tree planting projects. In February we support the reforestation of forests in the Kon Ha Nung region, Vietnam.

This project has an important ecological benefit as it favors the restoration of a high-quality forest in a biodiversity-rich area and also promotes the participation of the local population. Here there are regions that have been forestless for over ten years, but also places where the problem has only existed for a few years. This means that, on the one hand, supplementary plantings, but also areas of complete reforestation must be planned and carried out.

20 hectares of agroforestry

Together with our partner One Tree Planted, we will plant a mixture of different tree species that are similar to the biodiversity and composition of the adjacent forests. The project should be carried out with the large participation of the local population and additional care will be taken to ensure that at least 40% of the project participation is female. The goal is to establish an average of 20 hectares of agroforestry in each village in the Kon Ha Nung region. The project is of global importance as it is intended to help strengthen parts of the highly endangered Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot.

Have you tried the TreeTracker on our website yet? There you can enter your order number and see where your trees will be planted.

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