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NIKIN Clean Up Day: the community collected 158kg of trash!

In the Swiss cities of Basel, Bern, Lenzburg and Zurich, NIKIN, together with the community, collected and disposed of 158 kilograms of waste last Saturday. The campaign took place as part of the global Clean Up Day. For every kilogram we collect, we now plant a tree. You can find out why there will be 218 trees and not “just” 158 in the blog.

A total of 50 people from the community volunteered to collect waste from the streets in Basel, Bern, Lenzburg and Zurich with NIKIN last Saturday. Throughout the day, the hard-working Cleanup Day Heroes picked up 158 kilograms of waste, which was then handed over to recycling stations and workshops. In Basel we collected 14kg, in Zurich 40kg, in Bern 28kg and in Lenzburg 76kg of waste. The Clean Up Day is a global day of social action to rid the environment of waste. 

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Action promotes appreciation 

It wasn't just collecting that was in the foreground; sorting was also something we could get to know in more detail, for example in Basel. Many people didn't know beforehand that medical packaging is sorted separately by hand from the remaining cardboard. The recognition for the work of a garbage collector was correspondingly great. NIKIN team member Fabia says: “It was incredibly exciting to see what achievements a garbage collector achieves day after day and I think this profession should be given more recognition.” 

Passers-by thank you

Feedback from passers-by shows that the action was appreciated. Helpers reported spontaneous compliments like “It’s super cool that you do something like that” and people thanked you for picking up trash. As promised, NIKIN, in collaboration with One Tree Planted, is now planting a tree for every kilogram. The K. Müller AG, which received the garbage for us in Zurich, is also donating another 60 trees because they want to make a contribution to reforestation. We would like to thank them for this additional commitment as well as our community and the team for their great efforts!

The blog inspired you? Do you think the campaign is cool? Every day can be a clean up day. Just pick up the trash on the ground next time you see it! 

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