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NIKIN & Stadtwächter present the Forest Ale beer

In this blog, find out more about our new partnership with the Aarau brewery Stadtwächter and how we work together for the forest.

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with the Aarau brewery Stadtwächter. This connection is based on a shared love for nature, mutual local roots and the desire to have a positive impact on the environment together. The result of this collaboration is Forest Ale, a beer brewed with spruce needles. For every 6 pack of this locally made beer sold, a tree is planted in collaboration with One Tree Planted. 

Ein Forest Ale Bier im Wald
Image: The Forest Ale, a sip of nature!

The supported tree planting project

Together with local volunteers and One Tree Planted, we are supporting a reforestation project in Brussels' Green Belt. The project aims to create natural bridges between existing forests in order to promote the exchange of species between nature reserves. In addition, new tree species are planted and the forests are rejuvenated, which contributes to the sustainability of the forests. Improving biodiversity and forest quality are the top priority on the ecological side, while the participation of the local population and thus active participation in achieving environmental goals is promoted on the social side. 

Die lokale Community beim Bäumepflanzen
Image: The local community planting trees.

Responsible use of alcohol

The responsible use of alcohol is very important to NIKIN. Alcohol should not be glorified in any context and should always be consumed in moderation. As with dealing with the environment, the following also applies to alcohol: “Act responsibly!”. The beer is therefore only available to those aged 18 and over and only via the Stadtwächter website ( The delivery area is limited to Switzerland.

NIKIN x Stadtwächter: Für jedes verkaufte 6-Pack wird ein Baum gepflanzt
Image: For every 6 pack of Forest Ale sold, a tree is planted.
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