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NIKIN will continue to run on electricity in the future

More sustainability is needed in everyday life, and this also applies to transport. That's why NIKIN drives an electric car and plants 390 trees, which is made possible thanks to the great collaboration with ATG.

Electric cars are on the rise. There are more and more cars on the world's roads that are powered by electric power. Statistics from Swiss eMobility say that around 50% more electric cars were registered in 2021 than in the previous year. And the demand for electric cars continues to grow. You can read about the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars in our Blog. NIKIN has also been driving an electric car for almost two years. Although the majority of our team uses public transport, we still have to rely on a car for our events, photo shoots, tree planting days, etc. from time to time. But if we have to move a car, then it should be an environmentally friendly one like the Renault ZOE.


Thanks to the Aare Touring Garage, NIKIN is traveling sustainably

The collaboration with Aare Touring Garage AG from Buchs (AG) has enabled us to drive our own electric car for a long time. It only took a little getting used to at the beginning before we were happy to realize that electric cars are absolutely suitable for everyday use. As part of our cooperation, ATG and NIKIN have decided that 10 trees will be planted for every electric car sold and for every 1,000 kilometers we drive with the Renault ZOE. The ATG has since sold 30 electric cars, which prompted the planting of 300 trees. With the 9,000 kilometers driven so far, another 90 trees have been added. And the odometer keeps running, we will continue to use the sustainable Renault ZOE for internal transport in the future. Switching to an electric car is undoubtedly worth considering. We are absolutely satisfied with the performance of our electric car and the great advice from Aare Touring Garage AG, with whom we enjoy a great partnership. The friendly and extremely competent specialist staff will be happy to advise you about their range of electric cars if you are interested or have any questions. We would like to thank you for your cooperation and wish you a safe and pleasant journey, perhaps soon with your own electric car.


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