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NIKIN wins PETA's Vegan Fashion Award

Well look here! Shortly before the end of 2021, we can claim another award from PETA Germany. We received the Vegan Fashion Award 2021 for a very special piece. Check out!

It's starting to get a little crowded in the awards corner in the NIKIN Office, but we can still find a nice place for the Vegan Fashion Award from PETA Germany. “You can’t write that like that, it sounds completely conceited,” my TikTok creative Fabian  said to me. But it's true. Luckily, we have two refrigerators (on average, NIKIN employees have a healthy appetite) that can be used as storage for trophies.


PETA Award goes to the Men's Department

In any case, we are super proud to have won the Vegan Fashion Award from PETA Germany in the category Best Fashion Piece Men Autumn/Winter. Now you're wondering what a wonderful design piece made from sustainable materials that you also plant a tree when you buy, right? So much in advance: the item also makes a wonderful gift . And by the way, every item we make is vegan. Even those without an award.

TreePullover Sherpa impresses PETA

The other question is of course, what went wrong in the women's category of the PETA Germany award? Why didn't we win there? «Scandalous question, Jasmina. Don’t let the product team hear that,” Fabian simply shakes his head. Alright, we'll ignore the question. In addition, our men's products are unisex cut, so everyone can treat themselves to the chic award winner TreePullover Sherpa in the color mint. Enjoy!

PS: It's before Christmas, so you might be looking for sustainable gift ideas? Nice Christmas markets? You will find what you are looking for with us.

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