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NIKIN x Scout: more than just sympathy

Today is World Thinking Day - on February 22nd, the Girl Scout movements around the world celebrate the birthday of their founder Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Olave, who invested a lot of time and commitment into the Girl Scout movement. Although NIKIN is not a scout, as the 'Scouts' are called in Switzerland, it shares many values ​​and activities with it. This blog highlights these similarities between the Scout and NIKIN.

Forest connection as the origin of NIKIN

As is well known, the creation of NIKIN goes back to a cozy evening in the pub, where friends and later founders Nicholas and Robin came up with the idea for NIKIN. However, the two met much earlier - even as small children, Nicholas and Robin spent a lot of time together, mostly outside. So they were also part of the scouts and spent many afternoons in the forest together with the other nature lovers. Last but not least, these experiences explain the shared values ​​of NIKIN and the Scout.

Nicholas und Robin als Kinder – Pfadi und NIKIN | NIKIN Blog
Picture: Zazoo (Nicholas) and Simba (Robin), as they were called in scout days, sledding.

Shared green values

Our founders' scouting past continues to inspire NIKIN's nature-oriented focus. Values ​​such as sustainability, closeness to nature and nature-friendly actions connect the Scout movement and NIKIN - as does the commitment to bringing the nature-loving community together. So it is not surprising that there are numerous people in the NIKIN team with their own scouting past who represent these values ​​not only in their free time but also at work.

Community Events: Inspired by the Scout

These values ​​are lived out in the Scouts just as they are at NIKIN. While the scouts spend a lot of time in the forest, acquiring outdoor know-how and getting involved socially at charity events, NIKIN focuses on preserving nature and bringing the outdoor world closer to the NIKIN community. On the one hand, we are known to plant a tree for every product sold by supporting tree planting projects around the world. On the other hand, we organize tree planting days for our community in Switzerland, have already held forest days several times where various educational workshops can be attended and are planning more great outdoor events for the near future - stay tuned!

Baumpflanzevent ganz im Stil der Pfadi | NIKIN Blog
Image: One of our tree planting days in Switzerland – scout feeling for young and old!

Our latest homage to the scouts: the TreeFoulard!

To celebrate these similarities and World Thinking Day, we released the TreeFoulard on February 22nd - of course in keeping with the official Scout crowd! So that our nature-loving community can present a stylish, slightly different Scout scarf at the next Scout event. :)

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