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NIKIN x Viva con Agua Collection: Be part of the movement

The NIKIN x Viva con Agua Collab is here! With the Impact Barcelet we are working together for more trees and the promotion of water security and sanitation in Uganda. You too can be part of this impact. Find out more in the blog now.

Viva con Agua and we team up for a collaboration because we share similar social and environmental values. The NIKIN x Viva con Agua Collab consists of the Impact Bracelet and focuses on supporting two projects. NIKIN focuses on ecological aspects, such as tree planting and the production of sustainable fashion, while Viva con Agua focuses on social aspects and gives people access to clean drinking water and sanitary facilities. For each Impact Bracelet, one franc/euro goes to Viva con Agua's One WASH Program and one tree goes to a special reforestation project. 


Impact Bracelet: Recycled & made in Switzerland 

The Impact Bracelet symbolizes this collaboration and the desire to share our values ​​with you - the bracelet is the opportunity for you to be part of the movement. The accessory is available in black and mint and comes in sugarcane paper packaging. The materials for the bracelet as well as the pendant were 100% sustainably and fairly manufactured by #tide ocean material®, which uses 100% recycled plastic from the ocean for production. In addition, the Impact Bracelet was produced locally in Switzerland and assembled in Portugal. By purchasing the bracelet you are supporting several projects.

Hand mit Armband und Wasser

Tree by tree: Palorinya Refugee Settlement Uganda

Both projects support the people and nature in Uganda. The NIKIN project is of course a tree planting commitment. From April we will be planting 149,000 trees in western Uganda. The forests are created in the area of ​​the Palorinya Refugee Settlement, a refugee camp for people from South Sudan. Around 166,000 people currently live in the refugee camp. The trees are intended to provide shade, relieve pressure on existing trees and strengthen food security.  The long-term goal is also to ensure that more firewood comes from controlled sources and that the local population is made aware of deforestation. The project establishes processes that make certain renewable wood available for building cabins and heating, while the rest of the tree population remains. 

Menschen am Brunnen

Drop by drop: One WASH program in Uganda

The second project is called One WASH Program and will run from 2021 to 2023. With the project, Viva con Agua aims to increase access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for communities in Karamoja and West Nile. In detail, this means: the construction and commissioning of 6 solar-powered water supply systems in schools and communities, 18 new wells and the training of water user committees in the respective locations. The One WASH Program also includes the rehabilitation and improvement of 130 boreholes and wells, as well as the reforestation and planting of 20,000 trees to preserve natural water catchment areas.

Kinder am Fussball spielen

Share your Impact 

Check out the NIKIN x Viva con Agua Collab today and support a better world with your purchase. Share a photo with your Impact Bracelet on social media using the hashtag #shareyourimpact and motivate others to adopt a more conscious lifestyle and the opportunity to do good. Click here for the collab! (LINK) 

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