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NIKIN x Viva con Agua: tree by tree meets drop by drop

We have a new collaboration with Viva con Agua starting. The time has come at the end of April. Some things can't be revealed yet, but this much can be said: it's about water and trees.

We have something very special planned for April: the NIKIN x Viva con Agua Collab. We're not revealing exactly what this entails yet, but, what's special about the collaboration. With the NIKIN x Viva con Agua Collab  we create real impact together with Viva con Agua and you. Through the Collab  we support   a tree planting project around a  Refugee camp and promote free access to water and sanitation in Uganda. 

Menschen mit Wasser

Tree by tree, drop by drop 

Similar to our leitmotif, the tree, and the social commitment of Viva con Agua, we are working together for positive social and ecological change. Tree by tree meets drop by drop. Together with you we want to change the world little by little. This includes protecting nature and its forests, but also ensuring drinking water and sanitary facilities for everyone. Follow us now on social media so you don't miss the drop and get ready to be part of the impact. 

«Be part of the movement»!

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