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Nine benefits of second-hand clothing

Switzerland's first national Second Hand Day will take place on Saturday, September 26th. Vintage fashion and therefore also second-hand clothing has been back in fashion for a long time. But second hand is not only stylish, it also offers many other advantages. We have listed nine of them for you.

On Saturday, 26. The first national Second Hand Day in Switzerland takes place in September. Vintage fashion and therefore also second-hand clothing has been back in fashion for a long time. But second hand is not only stylish, it also offers many other advantages. We have listed nine of them for you.

Second Hand Kleidung ist nachhaltig

NIKIN tries to find the best possible compromise between sustainable and affordable fashion. But let's be honest: the most sustainable and probably the most cost-effective option would be to completely avoid using new products. Even though we are of course happy that you have already planted over 700,000 trees with us, we do not want to withhold the advantages of second-hand clothing from you.

The nine biggest advantages of second hand

  1. Cheaper prices

Second-hand goods are significantly cheaper than new products. Discounts of 70 percent or more are not uncommon and take a lot of pressure off your wallet. So if you want to save your budget and still enrich your wardrobe, you should browse through second-hand shops. There are lots of great bargains waiting.

  1. Environmental protection during production

With every new piece of clothing, raw materials are processed and emissions are emitted. Transporting raw materials to the place of production and from there to the seller also uses resources. If you buy second hand instead of new, these environmental impacts can be avoided. You may have a new item of clothing in your wardrobe, but there will be no new damage to the environment.

  1. Less waste

Clothing that is no longer worn is either donated or disposed of. Everything that can no longer be used is burned. Toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere. Buying a second-hand item of clothing extends its life and thus delays the impact on the environment. And who knows, you might even pass on your second-hand item again if you no longer want to wear it. The longer the lifespan of a piece of clothing, the better it is for our nature.

  1. Children benefit twice

Second-hand clothing is doubly suitable for children. On the one hand, the pieces are usually only worn a little because children grow quickly. This means that they are hardly worn out and can be worn wonderfully. On the other hand, new items of clothing for children are particularly unsustainable. This is because the children often only fit into the clothes for a few months, then outgrow them and need new clothes again. New clothing for children should therefore be purchased carefully.

  1. There is nothing that doesn't exist

Shoes, scarves, jackets, hats, pants: the list of second-hand clothes available is endless. Did you know that wedding dresses can also be bought second hand? There is practically no clothing that cannot be bought second hand. Everything that can be bought new can also be found in second-hand shops. So you have the whole selection there too.

  1. Health Benefits

Used clothing is usually less harmful to health than new products. This is because frequent washing has washed out harmful chemicals. This offers decisive advantages, especially for people with allergies or small children.

  1. The quality

Second-hand clothing is usually of top quality. This can be seen from the fact that the clothing has not yet become worn out despite being worn frequently. If the clothing is available in a second-hand shop, it has been checked for defects and must meet certain minimum requirements. Only garments in good condition are offered.

  1. The fun factor

Strolling through the flea market is fun and an experience that stays with you. Ultimately, you meet new people, start conversations and perhaps find exciting individual items. Anyone who visits the flea market or second-hand shop with friends or family is guaranteed to have a lot to marvel at and discuss. A great trip is inevitable.

  1. The individuality

If you buy clothes not off the rack but at a flea market, you will come across very special individual pieces. These help to create an individual style. Every piece of clothing already has a story to tell. And if you shop at a flea market, you might even be able to find out from the seller what this piece has already been through.


First National Second Hand Day

On the 26th The first national Second Hand Day will take place in Switzerland in September. The aim is to question everyday consumer behavior. Over 250 different activities take place on this day. Flea markets are organized, special promotions are placed on online shops or the doors of the Brockenstuben are opened.  If you also want to be part of Second Hand Day, you can find all the promotions on

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