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Our tree planting project in August

Together with our community and our partner One Tree Planted, we are committed to tree planting campaigns around the world. In August we support a tree planting project in Panama. Find out in this blog why the actions are so important and what you can do.

Panama (Spanish: Panamá) is a country in Central America, bordering Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the east. In August 2023, NIKIN will literally put down roots here and give wings to an important reforestation project. Our mission: To restore an area devastated by excessive livestock farming.

Image: Everyone pitches in.

The path to reforestation

We work with local communities to plant, manage and monitor mixed forests of native tree species here over the coming years. Through this project, we not only create jobs, but also improve the life of the local community.

Image: Situation briefing.

Power of community

Our efforts go far beyond restoring Panama's valuable biodiversity. The Azuero Ecological Corridor Reforestation project has also forged a partnership with the Panamanian Prison Service: during their final year in prison, inmates are given the opportunity to engage in community service through the project. This initiative not only shines a bright light on the Sustainable Development Goals, but also creates a positive interaction between the environment and the community.

Image: A piece of heaven in Panama.

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