Unser Baumpflanzprojekt im Oktober - NIKIN EU

Our tree planting project in October

Together with our community and our partner One Tree Planted, we are committed to monthly tree planting campaigns around the world. This October we are traveling to South Africa. Read on to find out exactly how we're making a difference and how you can be a part of it too.

The Nguni Albany Thicket Reforestation Project is located in the heart of South Africa. A country known for its breathtaking landscapes and diverse culture. Here we will restore damaged land areas while strengthening the local community.

Image: Something's happening here!

The path to reforestation

The main focus of the project is the removal of invasive plant species. The biomass obtained is used to nourish the soil and produce wood products. This process involves working closely with local communities by planting up to eight native tree species per square meter. This not only contributes to increasing biodiversity, but also promotes the preservation of the typical South African flora and fauna.

Image: Invasive plant species give way to native varieties.

Integration and training

What particularly distinguishes this project is the strong involvement and training of the local community. By creating jobs and educational opportunities in areas such as first aid and safety, not only is the environment revitalized, but people's daily lives are also enriched.

Image: South Africa's green landscape.


Our goal of making the world a greener place remains constant. Visit TreeTracker to learn more about our tree planting projects and find out what you can do. Plant together, grow together - #treebytree!
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