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Our tree planting project in February: Andes mountain range

Together with our community and One Tree Planted, we are committed to monthly changing tree planting projects around the world. In February we support the Acción Andina reforestation project, which extends across the entire Andes. You can find out more about this project in this blog.

The Andes are home to a unique forest ecosystem with the valuable Polylepis trees. Polylepis forests play a crucial role in maintaining biodiversity, serving as water reservoirs and enriching the surrounding soil with carbon, making it more fertile. The project aims to preserve these forests, reforest degraded areas and improve the quality of life of local communities. The remaining Polylepis forests are to be protected and expanded through targeted measures such as the definition of nature reserves, tree planting campaigns and training courses.

Baumpflanzen in den Anden | NIKIN Blog
Image: Tree planting in the high mountains – a peaceful activity.

Reforestation as local community work

In order to proceed effectively, the Acción Andina project is divided into different groups. Identification of afforestation sites, protection measures for saplings, collection of seeds in the region and planting of Polylepis trees are some of the aspects that are organized regionally. Local communities are actively involved in the process, from planning to implementation. This not only creates jobs but also strengthens the bond between people and their surrounding ecosystem.

Eigene Züchtung von Setzlingen in den Anden | NIKIN Blog
Image: The seeds are collected by hand and then grown into seedlings in our own nurseries.

Community participation and local development

Close collaboration with the local community is a cornerstone of the project's success. Acción Andina not only promotes environmental protection, but also alternative sources of income and develops the skills of local leaders. This contributes not only to the ecological but also to the socio-economic development of the region. In addition, local cultures, social arrangements and cultural spaces and values ​​are taken into account during planning in order to achieve a long-term sustainable result.

Lokale Communities werden stark in den Baumpflanz-Prozess eingebunden | NIKIN Blog
Image: The local community is heavily involved in the entire process in order to establish long-term projects.

Together for a greener world

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond planting trees. We believe in the power of community and that together we can make the world a better place. Would you also like to get involved? For every NIKIN product you buy, we plant a tree. Together we make the world greener - #treebytree!

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