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Our tree planting project in June

In June we will focus on reforestation and protecting forests in Malawi. With our partner One Tree Planted, we are committed to curbing deforestation and actively involving the local community in this important work. By implementing the “ten golden rules of reforestation” we contribute to the restoration of forests.

An important part of this tree planting project is working with local locals. We pay particular attention to the participation of women. Because we firmly believe that their voices and their contributions are essential for the success of the project. We therefore encourage them to actively participate in reforestation and benefit from the ecological and social benefits.

Image: Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Protection of biodiversity and sustainable location selection

In order to preserve the biodiversity of the region, we attach particular importance to protecting biodiversity. We carefully select suitable locations for reforestation activities to ensure that we can take advantage of the forests' natural regeneration mechanisms. By planting native tree species, we help restore ecological balance and improve habitats for animals and plants. We rely on resilient plant material from botanical gardens.

Image: Reforestation in Malawi. 

Creating economic benefits and improving living conditions

Our project aims not only to restore and protect forests, but also to create long-term environmental and social benefits for communities. By involving locals in the process, we create jobs and support the local economy. Communities have the opportunity to benefit from forest resources, be it through sustainable timber management or the extraction of plant raw materials. Through this economic strengthening, we improve local living conditions and create a sustainable basis for the future.

Image: The seedlings should soon grow big and strong.

Per product sold = one tree in Malawi

The reforestation of forests in Malawi is a central concern that we are promoting together with our partner One Tree Planted. By involving local communities, especially women, protecting biodiversity and choosing sustainable locations, we help restore the ecological balance and improve living conditions in the region.

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