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Small talk at Christmas: This is how you start a conversation.

One aperitif follows another, and celebrations take place on many occasions: Seen in this way, holidays are an extremely sociable time. But what to talk about when the table arrangement forces you between silent colleagues at work or you find yourself sitting next to the least funny aunt? Small talk helps. Assuming you know how.

Small talk is the art of getting a conversation going easily. How about a little story to start with? Have you seen or heard anything amusing recently? Or tell something interesting about yourself without putting yourself too much in the foreground. Small talk creates a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. It builds closeness and sympathy and proves itself to charmingly arouse interest.

Image: Small talk is an art.

Be positive, interesting and humorous

Exude lightness and be charming. You can never go wrong with that. Humor also has a positive connotation. It reduces stress and relaxes you. An important point, especially during the holidays, when many things can surface that have been lying dormant in us all year long. There are plenty of jokes at Christmas time, here are a few examples: “Grandpa, your violin was the best Christmas present ever!” “Oh yes, my little one, why?” “Mom gives me a fiver every day if I don’t play it.” Or: The father enlightens his son. "Now you're old enough for the truth: This Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were always me." “I've known that for a long time, Dad. Only the stork was Uncle Thomas." Or: “Mom, look, the Christmas tree is burning.” “You know they say the Christmas tree lights up,” she says. «All right, then the curtain will also light up.»

Image: Lost in words? Not with us.

Treeful numbers and more

A Christmas tree around two meters high has an impressive 400,000 needles, around 300,000 of which are on the living room floor by New Year's Eve at the latest. Anyone who keeps a house cat can sing completely different songs about it. When the holidays are over, the Christmas trees end up in the compost or are burned. They cannot be fed to animals. Simply because there are too many Christmas decorations and wax residues in them. By the way: The American Erin Lavoie holds the record for felling Christmas trees. In 2008 she managed 27 pieces in two minutes.

Image: Well, how many needles and leaves do you see?

Children are the true gift

The festival of love, harmony and contemplative get-togethers is a dream for everyone who loves candlelight, romance and enjoyment. This also bears fruit: statistically speaking, most children, around nine percent, are born after mid-September. Exactly nine months after Christmas. Seen this way, many couples don't just unpack presents over the holidays...

Image: Not only children love Christmas.

Oh what a big surprise

It's best to talk about this after dessert: The Christmas season is a real marathon in which we eat and drink our way through several days. Once we have reached the finish line, we weigh an average of 370 grams more. It's no wonder that nuts, sweets and holiday menus leave their mark. Quite apart from alcohol, we drink over 30% more of it than during the year. But the best is yet to come: things continue on New Year's Eve.

Conclusion: Small talk brings people closer to each other - even those who are seeing each other for the first time. With a little practice, you can have conversations that will be remembered fondly.

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