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Sustainability in everyday life – the NIKIN team gives tips!

We at NIKIN have been committed to a greener world since 2016 and are trying oure beliefs to implement. Today our team would like to chat a little bit about what's going on and our green tips share with you. Don't worry: We're not talking about complicated processes, juste things that we do anyway  - but with an added twist. 

In the kitchen:   

  • First boil water in the kettle and then empty it into the cooking pot to save energy. Cooking with a lid also helps maintain heat better.  
  • Use refill bottles instead of PET and use Tupperwares as well as silicone films or beeswax wraps to reduce waste. 
  • Keyword waste: please separate it correctly - gives extra karma points!
  • Shopping is also sustainable: with reusable veggie bags.  
  • NIKIN super tip: Occasionally shop in unpackaged stores. This is not only sustainable, but also a little adventure. 
Image: Tupper party!

For hunger:  

  • Always think about seasonal vegetables and fruits. Not only does it taste better, it also protects the environment because it doesn't have to be imported from distant countries. 
  • Of course, organic products are also among our tips. With this label you can be sure that no artificial fertilizers and pesticides come into your plate. 
  • Try consuming meat more mindfully.   
  • NIKIN Super Tip: Avoid food waste by creating a menu plan and eating leftovers the next day. 
Image: Fresh and colorful - that's how it should be. 

In the closet:  

  • Here, too, conscious consumption is key: Avoid impulse purchases and think carefully about what you really need. 
  • Pay attention to the material: Fabrics like organic cotton and Tencel are more environmentally friendly than synthetic fabrics. 
  • Second-hand clothing is a great alternative. Here you can find great pieces at fair prices and do something for the environment at the same time.  
  • Wash your clothes at 30 degrees and use eco-stripes.   
  • NIKIN super tip: You can, for example, make rags out of old T-shirts and thus avoid waste. 
 Image: (Almost) Nothing beats a long round of flea mix. 

Sustainably beautiful:

  • Think about animal-friendly and vegan products when it comes to cosmetics. You can recognize them by the labels on the package insert. 
  • For girls: Reusable pads and cups are a sustainable alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. This takes some getting used to, but it reduces waste and is gentle on your body. 
  • When showering, you can save a lot of water by turning off the water when you soap up. 
  • NIKIN super tip: Try solid shampoo to avoid plastic packaging.
Image: Natural cosmetics are on the rise - and that makes us happy. 

Tutti Frutti:   

  • Borrow things from friends that you only need 1-2 times: Whether it's a dress for a party or a new drill for a DIY project, we often only need things for a short period of time. 
  • Devices that are not in use still consume electricity. Therefore, you should remember to unplug or completely unplug these devices when you don't need them. 
  • Gifting is a wonderful thing, but packaging materials can quickly lead to a waste of resources. There are now ecological or recyclable options for this too. 
  • NIKIN super tip: Gifts can bring joy, but they are often only remembered for a short time. Instead, simply give the gift of time together, a special experience or, if you want something more formal, a donation. This way you can achieve something positive together and create lasting memories. 

We all know that it is important to protect the environment. Do you also have tips for us? We look forward to your input. 



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